Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Walk In Japan


If you haven't noticed, I have always had an obsession with Japanese goods.
( EVERYTHING JAPAN!!! *pops confetti* )

Eversince my last visit last year, I secretly made a wish that I would get to visit Japan more often~
Dreams will only come true when you take action right?

I've been working hard to make sure my wish would come true.
But sometimes, even long stressful days could get the better of you am I right?
Especially when you're tired, and lack the motivation to continue on.

It happens, no matter how I kept myself reminded because nothing else is stronger than having something in your hands.

Which is why I am so so blessed to have found a really sweet friend of mine, Daphne-chan to keep me reminded.

She sends me unicorns. 

I mean a unicorn's blessing all the way from Japan!!!
I knew her since about 2 years back and officially met her when she came back to M'sia a few months back.

Now she's soon to become a hot mama in Japan soon!
*Gawd time flies*

One of the foolproof ways to keep me motivated has to be SHOPPING IN JAPAN. 

I have Daphne-chan to help me deliver all that I needed back in Malaysia through her personal online shop on Instagram~!!

Note : I mentioned "personal" because it literally feels like she's your personal shopper in Japan.
Except that she's shopping on your behalf.LOLOL!

The reason why I'm blogging about this is because I really love her attitude in delivering the sweetest parcels to her customers.
( I could always choose to go hush hush and have her all for myself. Hehehe! )

But here's my latest parcel from her!!

Sorry guys I had to blank out all private details just to show you how my parcel looks like.
And I apologize if you were expecting unicorn wings on this thing wtf. >.<

All the bubble wrap to keep my precious items safe.
More for me to destress by popping those bubble wrap. Hahahah!!

Tadaaaa!!! All the stuff I bought~
I'm not gonna show you (yet) what I got from Emoda tho!!!
You'll just have to spot the items on my OOTD posts on IG~

Extra "air-pillow" for my items too!
(Imagine how postage services are being handled nowadays)
I'm sure you'll appreciate that extra effort to make sure your precious goods are safe!!

I certainly DID NOT order these in my package but it was a surprise gift from Daphne-chan!!
(Eat all the yummy snacks from Japan!!)
You don't have to be jealous cause YOU CAN GET THESE TOO!
That's kind of what I'm writting this for as well.

You can now order these awesome limited edition snacks from her via @walkinjapan_com (with an underscore) on Instagram!

Well, of course, I have special liberties from her to get fashion goods but if you ask her nicely, who knows you might be as lucky as me~!!
Provided that YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO BE A GOOD CUSTOMER by paying on time ok?

This is already like my THIRD time purchasing stuff from her.
My first was actually asking her for a favour to help me get Studio Ghibli Museum tickets.
And the rest is history on my second purchase splurge on my all time fav. Emoda bag.

Yes, I'm still keeping this.
(Don't judge)
If you're a Ghibli fan like me, you should REALLY consider paying a visit to the museum at Mitaka, Japan!! And there's only limited ways to purchase these limited tickets as they ensure there's only a limited number of visitors per day. 

One, you could always try your luck in getting these pre-booked tickets once you arrive in Japan from any LAWSON stores a FEW DAYS BEFORE YOUR VISIT. Which is very unlikely you'll manage cause they're easily sold out! 

Or purchase them from designated travel agencies, where Malaysia is not in the list.

So yeah, I got my tickets from her by mail before my trip to Japan.
And it was one of the most magical moments of my life. ^^ 

Whether if it's snacks,clothings or a life-changing Ghibli Museum ticket, Daphne-chan will be your best shopping friend in crime. 

Go find her naoo at :

She delivers parcels to Australia and more so make sure to check with her!!
This is honestly NOT a sponsored post and I'm sincerely sharing my precious experience for a reliable source to shop your crave in Japan.

Happy shopping and lots of love,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eyeliner for Circle Lenses

Hey y'all!!

It has really been a while since my last makeup blogpost~ Truth is, I've been really busy and I'm trying my hardest to balance out my work,life and my blog.


Here's a video I recently made to give you a quick guide on how to line your eyes for circle lenses~

Eyeliner Tutorial for Circle Lenses: 

Moving on!

When I'm working on weekdays, I try not to have my contact lenses on cause it's honestly not one of the most comfortable thing to be wearing on long hours. 
 I switched back to my trusty ol' prescription glasses only to realize that my eyelining technique needed a change!!

( So much for being too used to circle lenses huh? =.=)

I never liked circle lenses with diameters too large because they make my eyes look extremely creepy so I avoid wearing those. 

14.5mm or 15mm will be enough.
(16mm? *OMFG!*)

Nevertheless, circle lenses are still really nice to wear enhance your eyes.
But if it's too large for you, you'd end up looking like those teddy bears with bullet buttons as eyes if you are not careful with your eyemake.

Seriously, NOT GOOD.

I guess it's pretty important to know how you should alter your eyeliner to suit your eyeframe to avoid looking VERY WEIRD. 

Lemme know what'd you think~!!