#LumiTravels to Adelaide, Day 3 : Mount Lofty, Cleland Wildlife Park, Brunelli's Cafe

To be honest, all I could think of is the wonderful foodie experience I had while I was in Adelaide.
But of course, I'm still gonna blog about where I've been before jumping into the yummylicious foods!

Mount Lofty

We were debating about how are we gonna bring ourselves to Cleland and I said : 

The heck, we're still young! Let's take the local bus.

Best decision of our lives cause we really didn't expect the whole public transport in Adelaide could be THIS efficient.
We got a little confused about which bus we should actually take until we logged into their very own website that runs on real-time for bus arrivals.

And it's called www.adelaidemetro.com.au .
We simple tapped in "Plan My Journey", keyed in where we are and where we wanted to go, then they will show us a list of which bus to hop and PLUS where to stop.


And halfway up, we stopped for a transfer bus and had our quick breakfast at the bus stop.
I think we both are kind of became a fan of Subway overseas cause they have avocados. LOL!

And before we reach Cleland, the bus driver was SO KIND to pull over at Mount Lofty for 10 minutes to have some photographs taken.

It was one of the breathtaking scenery up there watching over Piccadilly!!

Cleland Wildlife Park

Get ready to meet some kangaroos, koalas and wallabies!!

It was quite a hot and sunny day so all the kangaroos got pretty lazy and stayed laid down on the grass. =.=

And they kinda rejected my offer to feed WTF. Too full from the morning feed I suppose...
But they accepted when pups handed them food!!
( Ok, maybe they're not attracted to females WTF =___ = )

I kinda imagined them hopping around in a big group, to be honest.
But it was my first closeup experience with kangaroos and koalas so I really did enjoyed myself.
(Not much from the scorching sun tho)

Brunelli's Cafe

Gosh look at the time and it's time for dinner!
Brunelli is one of where lost of locals would go for a decent meal so there we were.

It's really my first time having to see a proper full working restaurant with a system like this but it's cool.
Cause we didn't have to feel awkward when we take too long to decide while the person taking our order stands there waiting.
*thumbs up*

You simply pick up your own menu booklet, grab a seat, decide what to eat and head over to the counter to order and pay.

Have a chat with your loved ones and VOILA, food is served.

I think I kinda got into pizza heaven and ordered it on every chance I had. LOL!
Look at that cheese.

Pup's tomato seafood pasta was exceptionally good too!
Of course, we cannot compare when we come back to KL.
Pastas and that is their specialty while we have char kuey teow and mee goreng. =)

But if you ask me, I prefer pasta sauces made from scratch.

Well, that pretty much sums up my Day 3 of exploring Adelaide, it's not fully packed with itineraries but I strongly believe that traveling isn't about leaving footsteps on every single place around the area.

But creating memories and deep impressions of it.

Here's a vlog of my trip on day 3!
Hope you enjoy~

Lots of love,

Skinny,Thin to Slim : Reducing water retention

Have you ever took a picture of yourself (aka selca), looked at it and say,

Look at my MashiMaro face! 

It's cute and all but pls!!!!

"Geez I gotta start mad dieting so that I can look 'chio-er' in photos."

But your friends would say that you don't even need to diet because you're already very thin.
Yea, you never believe what your own friends tell you.

STOP and think for a bit.
You eat 3 mad healthy meals a day and avoid deep fried foods at all cost never allow too much carbs in your diet. 

Still think you're fat? No! 
You may "look" fat but that may not be the case!!

(Happy now? =.=)

You could be experiencing water retention!

A lot of you may have heard about this from your mother/aunts that they always refer to  as "水腫", meaning water retention.

This happens to most pregnant women because they produce fluids for their baby and hormones change during pregnancy.
Or during women's monthly menstrual cycle. 
I know. That awful bloated feeling of fatness like fat grilled sausages that's about to burst out of it's casing.
But did you know it can happen to you too regardless whether you're pregnant or menstruating?

It's not as serious as a preggie, just a mild one, enough for you to feel fat. 
But if it's a serious case, please do consult a doctor because it could lead to something else!!

Water retention does not necessary happen on your joints, fingers and feet.
They can happen to your cheeks!
Yup. Them cheeks.

These are some of the tips and tricks that I often do to deal with it naturally.
I cannot guarantee that it works for everyone but you are very welcome to try it out and see if it works for you! ^^

1.) Water

The very first cause of this symptom is due to water itself.

If you do not drink enough water, your body will self produce water.

But if you drink too much water, your body will start storing water!

Verdict = It's not about drinking  A LOT of water but ENOUGH water.
Don't be a camel!!

If you're not a fan of plain water, try adding a few drops of lemon juice or berries for some taste.
Fruits alone do contain water than can replenish your body with liquid but keep in track of it's sugar content.

2.) Salt 
The second cause is actually very close to my first, which is SALT.
Consuming too much salt in your food really does cause puffy cheeks!

Avoid those bags of chips, or any foods that are heavily loaded with salt.
Instant noodles for example.
But if you just have to,it's okay  give yourself a cheat day once every month and start reducing it whenever you're ready.

Usually your body will start adapting the new habit after 6 months.

So, what can we do other than 1) drink enough water & 2) less salt in food 3) deal with PMS?

What you need to do is to drain out the excess water in your body.

3) Black coffee. (AKA : Kopi O)

No milk, less sugar.
(No sugar is best.)

Plain coffee is known to help reduce water retention because they tend to draw water from your body.
You can try having a cup everyday for at least 5 days to see if it works.

Do replenish yourself with a cup of water after your dose of coffee. 
As controversial as it may seem, black coffee drains out the water retention around and you should replenish your body with fresh water to hydrate yourself in the right places. 

Honestly, drinking coffee isn't the best way but it works.

4) Tea

Again, no milk. 

If you're not a fan of coffee, tea can help withdraw water out from your body just like coffee.
Which explains why you tend to go to the loo more often.
My fav. is always green tea, Earl Grey and English Breakfast. 
But if I were to go all out, I'd say "Sakura! Sakura!" from TWG!
Replenish after each cup.

5.) Lymphatic Massage 
Not only does it feel good when massaged at the correct spot, it releases the water build-up in specific massage area. 

There are a lot of lymphatic nodes around the body and I find myself always doing it on routine during my facial care session.

I start from around my eyes, down to the cheeks, temples, jaw, ears, neck and shoulders.
You will instantly feel the water rushing down giving you a refreshed feeling.

My uncle taught me this when I used to go for my Traditional Chinese Medical spine correction therapy and I learnt it up through the pain I felt. 

You don't have to read my previous sentence again, yes, pain.
I'll apply enough pressure for me to feel slightly uncomfortable, but not extremely painful (you don't wanna bruise yourself!) and move in a downwards sequence. 

Massages are NOT to be done on pregnant women without seeking professional advice to avoid complications.

(Just to be safe)
(In case a preggie mama reads my post)
(Just maybe)

6.) Sweat Out
When you perspire, your body loses salt and water through sweat. 
It also removes toxins in your body!

You can either workout, go for a hot bath or stay in the sauna just to break some sweat. 
 Did you know that your body had more or less, 3 ways to cleanse toxins from your body?

Through poop/pee, sweat and sleep!

7.) Sleep

Yup, which leads to my final method to keep water retention at MINIMUM. 
This should be more like a routine than being occasional just because ONE particular day you choose to feel less bloated.

Personally, I'd instantly feel bloated on the face the next morning when I burn the midnight oil. 
Your liver only works when you're sleeping so make sure you have enough sleep by hitting the sack before the clock strikes 12!

That being said, it doesn't mean you have the excuse to be a log and sleep all day.
Too much sleep causes water retention (and drowsiness) as well.
That's because your body doesn't do much physical movement of flexing your joints while you're sleeping.

So make sure you have an appropriate amount of sleep no more than 12 hours nor less than 8 hours!
And that, is why they call it beauty sleep.

There's a lot more way to reduce water retention by eating naturally diuretic foods but these are the few that has worked for me. 

Try not to take medications for this unless deemed necessary.
Although it will work a lot faster but your body might soon develop a reliance on the drugs and won't be able to expel water naturally.
(Or your life depends on it then maybe)

So these are my personal advice and tips about reducing water retention and I hope it helped.

If you have tried a different method and worked,leave me a comment about it!
I'd love to know more!!

Bye bye fat water balloon,