Skincare During Puberty

I can't believe I'm only writing this now cause I'm wayyyyy past my puberty stage. 

Hey, there's always this saying : Better late than never!!

Up to now, I'm pretty satisfied with my skin thanks to the careful and intensive care of Dr. Chiam from The DRx Clinic.

I'll keep updating about all my facial diary but before I finally settled down to a facial clinic I trust so much, then there's PUBERTY

I hit puberty at quite an early age and by the time I was 13-14 years old, I've developed lots of blackheads, whiteheads and acne. 

No thanks to unstable hormones, open pores and my active life in sports.It's scary, unstable and annoyingly painful to look at.  

I know, I've been there.
*pats on your back*

Here's some photos of myself about a few years back in 2011 and these photos are actually "still okay" because any photos BEFORE 2011 was a lot worse. 
So I refused to almost any selfies (also because it wasn't that popular before ).


If you noticed, I had acne/blackhead marks all over my forehead, chin and cheeks. I didn't really notice it disappearing only after people start telling me I have good skin WTF.
I apologize if I scared you. Those were the times I didn't even knew what eyebrow liner was. LOL!

It's one of those ugly duckling stage that you simply cannot avoid but over time your hormones will start to "keep calm and love life". 

Nevertheless, here's some skincare tips I could still share when I was in my puberty stage!!
Hopefully it'll help you go through yours as well!!

1.) ALWAYS keep your skin clean.

This is something you MUST keep in mind. 
Nevermind about whitening or moisturising cause that's not gonna be your main concern if your skin is full of dirt and grime.

Since your skin will constantly have open pores, it'll always be vulnerable to bacteria and dirt particles around.

Keep your hair away from your face, make sure you change your pillowcase regularly and rinse your face after cooling down from sports activity.

 Here are some of the essentials I've personally used ( and works well ) to maintain a clean face. 

Liquid Neutrogena facial wash 

This is one of those facial wash I LOVE which really helped to keep my skin feeling clean and fresh. 
Compared with the shitload of drugstore facial washes I've tried, this was probably one of the best cleansers I've ever owned that has less nonsense.

Try to get something that's NOT scented. 
Back then there wasn't a lot more choices like now cause you have SEPHORA & SASA.
Lucky you!!

Oil blotter

Nothing is more disturbing than that shiny nose and forehead during school portraits!!
I have them forever in my pinafore pockets, and be sure to always have enough for the boys! *wink*

I think I should start stocking them up again! *hmmmm*

2.) Acne Treatment

Aside from keeping your face clean, sometimes you will still experience breakouts. 

Make sure you DO NOT squeeze, poke,rub or touch the affected area to prevent the bacteria from spreading to the rest of your face. 

If it gets itchy/painful and you just HAVE TO touch it, get a fresh piece of tissue and gently pat on the effected area. 

And I remember I do have a few products that effectively helped me reduce the problem : 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oils has disinfecting, antibacterial and soothing properties that naturally treats acne spots.

Just dab on a small amount of tea tree oil on the affected area and leave it on. 
It's good to invest on a good bottle of tea tree oil, not products " with tea tree oil ingredients ".

I recommend Thursday Plantation!

Clay mask

This is a weekly routine, and I almost never do it more than once a week unless necessary because it can still be too dry if it's overdone.

But clay masks are great to help dry up those pus filled acne and tighten up the pores a little. I'll usually dab on the affected acne spots after cleansing, let it dry up and rinse it away. 

On days when there's a big one, oh yes, a BIG one, I'll do it twice a day.

3.) After Acne Care

Of course there is a need for aftercare even if you are constantly ( yes, it sounds scary! ) popping up acne! 

Keep note that bacteria LOVES moisture, so we should never overdo with moisturising products.
But it doesn't mean you shouldn't keep your skin moisturised!! 

As much as you need to keep your face clean and bacteria free, you still need to make sure your skin's moisture level is balanced.

It's not about pop-a-pimple-cleared-it-and-we're-done.


This isn't something you should only use during puberty.
I'm using it NOW as well! My fav. is still the Tinted Sunscreen from DRx.
I cannot emphasize how important it is to protect your skin from those deadly UV rays. 
Especially when you have exposed skin due to healing acne/busted acne/super busted acne #touchwood #touchwood #touchwood, the more reasons to protect the exposed areas. 

This was from my personal experience when I didn't apply any form of sunblock on a particular area that's healing from acne, they tend to turn into dark spots around my face. 

YOU JUST HAVE TO BE SUPER CAREFUL cause they don't fade out easily!!  

A dark and sunburnt forehead is definitely NOT attractive.
I used to put on the highest SPF I could get because I used to always be out and about in the sun.
The higher the spf, the longer is lasts.
But it was a bit dry on my skin which moves to the next point~

Basically any sunscreen will work well when they have the PA+++ included, this particular brand was one of those I've used while I was in secondary school.
And probably lasted me a lot longer than the others *teehee*

Hadalabo Hyaluronic Acid Toner

This was probably one of my most affordable miracle water back in secondary school.
Back in those days, I still think it's one of the expensive stuff even for a student to own one.
And most importantly, it really did keep my skin moisturised MINUS the oily feeling. 

4.) Etc etc etc

There's also this particular home remedy I would like to share that worked really well on my skin, I'd still use it every now and then.

Which is HONEY!
It's no secret that if it works wonders on Cleopatra's skin, it works like unicorn fart on yours ok??

Honey has been known for it's healing and health properties PLUS it's gentle on the skin.
This is one of the not-so-secret skin remedy and whenever I have a pimple or two, just simply dab on a tiny drop of REAL honey on it after cleansing and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off.

And I'll do it everyday for 3 days until the pimple is gone.
I've done it more than once and it works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It's either the pimple would slowly disappear or reduce in size the next day.
I've also tried it on the pigmented area due to acne and I could actually see that it slowly faded back.

So whenever you could feel that there's a pimple coming out, it feels a little dry, or burnt, try dabbing on some honey.

Note : You have to get a good bottle of REAL HONEY. Not the commercial packed for flavour and made from sugar.

Aloe vera works well too tho.
But somehow I feel that honey worked best for me.

Basically, my advice for you guys and gals out there is to keep it simple but don't ignore it. Try not to overdo anything, be patient and don't panic. EVER. 

These are all the products and regime I stuck on to, during my early puberty stage, that is....
Among the rest that I've experienced with trial and error, they were the best!
Maintain a clean face, a healthy lifestyle and your puberty stage will thank you for that when they say goodbye one day.


I hope my simple and little yet not too complicated tips can help you out a little. 
Even if it means taking up more time than your usual skincare regime.


#LumiMake : Ooh My Santa Baby

What are you wishing for this Christmas?
I'm wishing for stars that shines brighter than the sun, and blings beyond the stars for my eyes.

A good shimmer makeup is all I need this holiday season to bring up the mood!

Before I proceed with a makeup tutorial blogpost, I want to introduce you this ooooohhhsome online store called Ooh & Aah!!

Who is Ooh&Aah?

An enthusiastic online business that brings you trending authentic cosmetics from all over Korea. The team's passion for fashion, beauty and makeup has driven them to source for great products to be introduced to the audience.

Alongside with their best seller cosmetics, Innisfree from Korea, they bring in a wide variety of cosmetics like BanilaCo, Iope, Aritaum, Mamonde and MORE!

I love makeup and I could buy them even if I still have gazillion makeup products on my table. I'll still welcome a warm spot for new set of cosmetics on my glorious makeup table as long as they're GOOD!

And I CANNOT WAIT to share with you of the items I got from Ooh & Aah!
This is only half of what I got cause I'll be saving some for an upcoming YouTube Christmas makeup tutorial so stay tuned for that!!

Let's begin.

1.) INNISFREE : Ampuole Intense Cushion

This semi-foundation compact ampoule is my current fav. for light coverage as well as moisturising AND brightening properties! It doesn't cake up like some compact foundation would and I had no problem layering it on my skin.
It's light on the skin with green tea extract as an active ingredient to brighten and keeps moisture of your skin locked in.

Gently pat on the sponge-on-sponge applicant and with a dabbing motion, apply it all over the face and neck for even application. Slowly build up by layers if you want more coverage!

2.) BBIA : Last Auto Gel Eyeliner (Noir P & Jazz)

If you're looking for a smudge-free AND melt-free eyeliner in a pen, you're in for a surprise! These babies lasted me ALL DAY without breaking a smudge. The application formula is smooth and the color is very buildable.

Line a thin line on the upper eyeline and give it a slight tick upwards with the color Jazz.
Then join the lowerline with the upperline starting from the middle of your eyeball.

3.) BBIA : Pigment (#01 & #02)

It's one big surprise in a bottle!
Do NOT underestimate the amount of shimmer these babies give out once applied. 
A little goes a long, long LOOONG WAY.
Apply #01 on the eyelids as shown.
Then, apply #02 along the lined area and blend in both colors with your fingers.


For a more defined look,use the BBIA Last Auto Gel Liner (Noir P) to amplify the eyeline as shown in the photos above.

And for an extra shimmer, highlight your inner eye area with BBIA Pigment #01.
Lastly, EYELASHES! I'm using partial lashes but you may choose to have full lashes if you wish.

4.) EGLIPS : Glow Powder Pact

Like it's name, use this to give your complexion an extra pinkish glow like you're blushing from within & slightly mattify your face to reduce unwanted additional sebum glow.
This is great for those who want to give your complexion a little level up.

Just apply a really thin layer all over the cheeks,chin and forehead will be enough to tone down sebum glow.

5.) INNISFREE : Tapping Lip Concealer

This lip concealer not only covers up those lips to bring out the best in your lipstick color, it's very moisturizing on the lips!
I recommend applying it to prep your lips before any other makeup.

EGLIPS : Viva Boo Lip & Cheek Balm (#01Neon Pink)
This comes in handy for some color on your lips AND cheeks! The color is super pigmented and you can slowly build up the colour according to your preferences.

The design is flat and compact that is easy to bring around without having to pack in separate lipstick/blusher
For this look, I will keep my lip and cheek colour at minimum, but just to give my face a bit of a color and make those shimmery starlike eyes shine!


All items used are brought to me from Ooh & Aah and I'm lovin them to bits!
They're PERFECT as gifts for your girlfriends and even as a lovely gift for yourself, don't you think?

Just imagine a boxful of cosmetic goodies that shimmer and shine the moment you open it.
Most items on Ooh & Aah are on pre-order basis but they have lots of OOHSOME promotions and even arrange for gift wrapping and personalized card in case it's a gift for a special someone.
I'd send myself one! *teehee*
Check out all the great Korean cosmetics that you've been itching to get from their website!!

Ooh & Aah

Facebook : Ooh & Aah

The santa baby look is all yours.
Happy shopping & Happy Christmas!!!