Friday, October 31, 2014

A Pie Thing

I haven't been exploring around lately so I thought I'd try something out whenever I could.

I love something different that's being served in cafes and I think A Pie Thing has just done it right!
They serve mainly, just as it's name, PIE.

From my own experience being a barista, lot of cafes serve it from frozen product suppliers, which makes almost all pies tasting similar.

But seeing that if the cafe's highlight is coffee/tea, I guess the food only serve as a condiment?
In a way, no?

Apparently, A Pie Thing wasn't hard to find at all because they're facing the Puchong-Damansara highway towards 1Utama and opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

For some of you lazy bums who're too lazy to read this, here's a quick video summary about my day out in there!!

The menu is right above the order counter.
They don't exactly have a large complicated drink menu to choose from but people are here for PIE.

Grab a seat and order on the spot.

You'll be given a reciept with a call number.
And the staff will call out the number for you to collect your order.

Everything is self service here.
They're open for business starting from 4p.m til late.
Savoury pies are only served at 6 p.m but sweet dessert pies are available once they're opened.

We were there early so we decided to have some desserts before dinner.

* Half drank* Green Tea Latte (RM9.90)

Dark Chocolate S'mores ( RM 9.90 )

This, is every chocolate lovers MUST ORDER.
Normally the marshmallow of s'mores are soft and mushy but this particular marshmallow s'mores is individually crunchy on the outside and surprisingly spongey on the inside.

The melty dark chocolate is rich and goes well with the crunchy pastry base.

Blueberry Cheese Pie ( RM9.90 )

This is not the ordinary cheesecake/pie you expect it to be.
It has a blueberry filling topped with (what I believe is) cream and sprinkled with shaved salted cheese.

It's a taste everyone would like because of an odd addition of savoury cheese sprinkles on sweet fillings. There's a bit of a lightness to it as well if compared to a creamy cheesecake.

However, if you like the taste of sweet and salty bites, try this!

Clock strikes 6 p.m and we were ready to order for our dinner!!
We ordered their signature called, The Mashacre, which is a pie filling of your choice topped with gravy, housemade mashed potatoes and buttery mashed peas.

From left : Pulled Lamb (RM 16.90) , Chicken & Mushrooms (RM16.90)

Both of these pies are served warm and made fresh everyday.
The mashed peas and potatoes are also made from scratch!

A hole is made in the middle to contain the gravy sauce in which you will enjoy the pleasures of having the gravy sauce oozing upon digging in to your pie.

The fillings are a generous but appropriate amount of meat, onions, carrots, etc etc depending on what kind of savoury filling you ordered.

I almost couldn't finish my portion of the pulled lamb pie so I would say the size of this thing is good for a filling dinner.

Both the mash matched quite well of being light and buttery which is PERFECT as a comfort food.


If there was one thing I would comment about is the pastry base which was a tad bit too firm to my liking. It would definitely be better if they were made fluffier instead of being just a sturdy base.

On second thought, I would understand that each chef has very own style of baking and taste so I guess it's reasonable to have them firmer to hold the shape?

Is it worth the travel?

Yes, if you're looking for freshly baked pie with a good company.
Having comfort food will never tast better without having friends and family around to taste it.

Details below ! : 

A Pie Thing 
128G, Jalan SS21/35,
Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opens from 4 p.m. - 11 p.m
*Until pies are sold out*
(Tuesdays - Sundays)

Quote from Agent K, Men In Black 3 ,


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

LumiMake : Mermaid Inspired Makeup for Halloween

I love dressing up.
In particular, dressing up to a character.

It's nothing like fashion, swag or that avant-garde magic.
It's about being extreme about expressing the other side of you in the form of a costume.
Regardless of how pretty or ugly it can be.
Nobody cares!!
Anyone can do it.

The Halloween spirit is somehow, very different in Malaysia.
We don't exactly send our kids to go trick or treating in the neighbourhoods.
*Hands up if you think it almost equals to risking your kids to strangers*
(Don't take this seriously ok??)

Nevertheless, we enjoy the spirit of dressing ghoulishly!!
If you can't wow people everyday, why not wow them on this particular season?

And on each year, I debate with myself whether I should be pretty or pretty ugly?

Well, judging from how every girl is already struggling to make themselves prettier everyday, let's be something different!!

I recently made two versions of mermaid inspired makeup and I couldn't quite decide which is more creepier.

I love both the looks because of the realistic looking 3D scales effect! 

Speaking of makeup, I do have fascination towards makeup effects that actually made it huge in the filming entertainment industry.
I really admire the amount of skill, dedication and attention to details to make each mystical creature come to life.

Watch this short 10 minute video to understand how these people actually go through to achieve the ultimate transformation through makeup.

We should never EVER underestimate the power of makeup.
It enhances our features, AND enhances the realistic feel on the movies you watch.

Tho my little makeup project isn't much, as long as it has reached it's purpose, I'm happy!

Till then and lots of love,