Sunday, November 16, 2014

Respec.Co Sees MUZIK Eyewear

The poster girl look familiar?
*points self*

About 3 weeks ago, I voluntarily helped out in modeling for this upcoming eyewear brand's lookbook, called MUZIK. 

MUZIK eyewear has a heavy Korean influenced tune to it with each and every piece being handmade in France and the finest materials for the excellent finish.

I had fun shooting together with Cherrie, Aiman and the stylists, Cody & Cole (Don't they both sound so matching together??LOL!) wearing none other than Kittie Yiyi's collection.
(I just love every single piece!)

Guess what?? This Korean style brand is coming and will ONLY be available in!!

Which is why they celebrated their pre-launch and invited every glamour style lovers in their crib to share the joy. 

 I was very surprised that these posters are actually printed on CANVAS, which really did a great job at giving the depth and texture to the whole effect.
Hey, it's like a showroom featuring all of us!

*I felt really flattered*
Thankiu for making me look so good!!!!

Tho I don't think anyone recognized it was me in the picture cause (according to Dennis) people will be expecting someone "bigger" than my size. LOL!!

Once again, size doesn't prove anything whether if you're petite or not.

Some sweet nom noms that's all customized!

Sorry Brian! I think this is the only cute photo you'll ever see yourself in that I simply HAD TO upload. >.<

We had a teaser preview for the next line of eyewear which will be bringing even in!

Blanc & Enclare, brought to you by Jessica Jung of former SNSD with her love of fashion and styles.

See how I instantly fell in love with the pink SHANGHAI (Blush)!!

With much respect to the founders of, Kevin & Daniel, for bringing these awesome eyewears.

Also, with the help of the crew!
The dresscode for the night was, "A Hint of Black".

So here's by #OOTN : 
Top // H&M
Midi skirt // OneZero10
Shoes // PUMA
Bag // Stole it from mom (Literally)

By the way, I even made a video of the event!

I enjoyed the night mingling about and checking out all the MUZIK collections. is currently ONLINE based, but I heard that they will be setting up pop-up booths around soon.

Each MUZIK eyepiece takes about nearly 2 weeks to be made, because they're all handmade! You know each piece is unique even if the design is the same. 

As for you curious bugs out there, I know what you must be thinking : 

It's a premium eyewear! 
I do want to own one but I CAN'T TRY IT ON.
What if I bought the wrong one??

No worries, I've personally asked them this question.
And the answer is, you will be able to try them on soon!
I'm being told that they are planning on a project to provide such services so do look out on that!!

Maybe if you're interested, Blanc & Enclare anyone?
Website :
Instagram :
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Facial Diary : The Drx Clinic (Cryo treatment)

Hi peeps! 

I gotta admit that I have minimum time for myself lately.
And when I say "time for myself", I meant PAMPER TIME.

EVERYONE needs pamper time. 
Doesn't matter if its a long hot bath, a pleasant dining experience.... or clipping your toenails.
And I strongly believe that EVERY women in the world deserves pamper session at least once a month. Beauty doesn't last so we choose to preserve as much as we can.
The more reasons you should love your body even more starting TODAY!

After a full month's worth of working like a zombie, I finally decided that I needed a facial booster to wake my skin up. So I called for a facial appointment at The DRx Clinic and they recommended me the Cryorejuvenation Therapy Treatment.

(CRY-with an O !!)

I'm not a science maestro so forgive me if I fail all the science terms in this. Cryo (Cryorejuvenation for short) is a cold treatment meant for dry flaky skin and used as a post-laser treatment. It involves with the aid of an electrolite machine for better absorption to push nutrients deep down into your skin. 

Now you must be wondering, how can a COLD treatment help with absorbing nutrients??

Ok I even personally asked this question after my treatment in the reception counter and they were so so patient in explaining to me about how it works!

Basically, we have a misconception that only HEAT helps to open up your pores right?
(Then you would cease the opportunity to slap whatever serum/vit c/etc etc on your face before it cools down. I know, I've done that)

But it's NOT exactly an ideal thing to do when you're in a hot humid country.
*Sigh Malaysia, you're adding haze into the weather summore!*
Imagine constant open pores PLUS haze particles.


I'm sure you won't want that so cold treatment is the way to go!!

Let's get on with the treatment process shall we?

Step 1 : Cleanse

My face was literally stripped off any makeup and I only had my eyebrows on when I went so it was a breeze for my beautician, Mary, to cleanse my face. 

Step 2: Stamping

Then my face was slightly pricked with this little metal stamp that has lots of micro needles in it. This is to stimulate your nerve cells and prep your skin for nutrient absorption.

Well, not exactly "pricking" like digging into your skin WTF but it's not painful at all!

Step 3: Cold treatment (for nutrient delivery)

Patch to conduct electrolytes throughout my body for better absorption, microneedle stamp, and cold device to be massaged on the face.
THIS is the magic serum that will soon be absorbed into my skin.
They call it the "Cocktail" because there's a lot of different skin beneficial ingredients in it like vitamin C to brighten, peptides for anti-aging, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and a lot more!

Don't worry! No needle injection involved~ 
Think cocktail drink in a syringe. 
(No. You're not supposed to drink this OK?! >.<)
With the machine running and the patch attached on my arm, Mary massaged the cold press device on my face while applying the cocktail.

I must say it was THE MOST SOOTHING THING on my face.
Like I just wanna shaddap and enjoy the whole cooling process. 

Which is why the CRYO is definitely one of the most recommended treatment for post-laser treatment skin. Especially when you have a slightly more sensitive skin or it's your first time after laser.

Tho it may not be suitable for oily/acne prone skin as this treatment does not help with unclogging your pores. 
Note : Women who are pregnant/suspected pregnant are also NOT advised to do this treatment!

It's an enhanced booster to brighten up your skin!

Here's how my skin literally looks like AFTER the treatment! 
You can really see that my skin has fully absorbed the serum with the aid of the machine and gave me that brighter and hydrated look.

I was quite surprised that there is not need to wash my face after that because all the serum was absorbed right into my skin. Because I am young,I did have a sticky afterfeel due to slower absorption but it didn't really bother me because the feeling was gone 30 minutes after therapy!
It's like my skin is telling me that it's happy and well fed. 

This treatment lasts for 1-2 weeks but you will be recommended to do it once a month so it's best to complete your month's skincare routine with a good facial mask at home eh?

Step 4 : Post facial grooming (Optional *teehee*)

Right after my session, I could always walk straight up to the reception and there's a grooming section for those who cannot go out with messy afterbed after-facial hair/naked face.

I'd usually just put on my brows and walk out but this time I did a full 15 minutes makeup just to show you how my makeup naturally glide on.

Note : I only used ,like, 2 small drops of foundation just to cover up my panda eyes+redness.

That's how confident I felt about my skin after treatment!!

 CRYO is suitable for : 

1.) Dull and dry looking skin
2.) After laser therapy

It's one of DRx's best selling treatment and GUESS WHAT?!!

You can enjoy this treatment at 40% OFF (Normal price : RM500) when you make your first booking now!
Just quote "LUMI CRYO"

Take my quote to your full advantage at this cause this treatment is SO WORTH IT.

All facial session with DRx is being done in their very own Medispa block right across the Clinic.

*Special shoutout*

Speaking of facial at home, I'm proud to share with you guys that they have also produced facial masks~

 DRx has quality skincare formula in their products , and I LOVE the idea of maintaining bouncy and translucent skin in the comforts of my own home.
Tho the ingredients may not be the same as the CRYO but.......

With great ingredients, comes great responsibility.

No seriously, this bio-cellulose mask was specially formulated to follow the shape of your face and ensures it snugly fit onto your skin for an even absorption.

I have not came across any masks with texture like this! It's sorta like a jelly mask with a "konnyaku" feel to it instead of soft jelly, plus a bit of fibre when I teared it.

The serum instantly absorbs into my skin and there's no need to wash away!!

It's always good to have one of these packs ready at home when you needed that emergency boost! And to imitate a little bit of the cold CRYO sensation, just pop these babies into the chiller for at least a day and they're ready for use. =)

They're available for sale now when you visit their clinic in BOTH Malaysia & SIngapore!!

For more info, visit :

DRx have also launched another TWO new products which are, Intensive Lightener and Illuminator with brightening and anti-aging properties. I can't wait to try it out and make a review about it soon so keep yourself updated about it soon!!

The Drx Clinic, Midvalley will be hosting a grand opening ceremony to celebrate it's second outlet in Malaysia on 20th November 2014 at 3 pm!

The DRx Clinic
No. 43-G, The Boulevard,
Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,

Everyone is invited to attend and I will be there, so if you're there that day, don't forget to say hi!!

Love, Lumi