My Experience with Canon EOS M10 TVC


 Remember this video?
 Wow Lumi, you're one vain person.
Some of you might even think I filmed the brown hair then the blonde.
Well, it was the other way round!

That particular month was one of the TOP interesting month of all 2015 because I got the opportunity to work for a commercial video with Canon Asia!!!

Behind the scene
*pops confetti*

In case you're curious about the video, I will embed it at the end of this post but the main reason I'm blogging is to talk about my experience right from engaging me for a casting til the day we finished shooting for the video.

It happened on an unsuspecting afternoon on November when I received an email from the company proposing to search for a model for consumer electronics project.
At that time, I totally had no idea what brand of electronic device was it other than it's for a camera.

I have had my own experience with shooting for TV commercial before in Malaysia but to be an international model?

But it did.

OK lah. It's not as far as you think I went. =P
The project had to be shot in Singapore.
We're basically next to each other, BUT STILL!!!

I didn't immediately get the job tho.
I still had to go through what all standard procedure for TVC models have to do.
Talent casting.

 I was among the 10-15 models they met for the job.

I remember had a really serious breakout all around my chin overnight and it really freaked me out.
It was some sudden bacterial infection and it was horrible even when I tried to cover it with concealer.
A complete disaster and I just found out what I was actually experiencing after reading her blog.

Read here.
(Later I read an update the she found a cure as well so I'm glad she's okay. ^^ )

Well, mine was a really mild allergic reaction but you get the idea.

But by the time I seek for an SOS treatment, I had to fly to Singapore for the cast the next day which was very stressful.
Imagine having an opportunity halfway in my grasp and BOOM!

So I asked my boyfriend to be my company for the trip and as I boarded the plane, I had the urge to give up. I really felt like the chance will not be mine for sure.

On the other hand, something was telling me to ignore whatever problem I have and just go ahead with the meeting.
The feeling was a faint one but strong enough to battle the doubts I had about myself.
Plus, my ass was already seated in the airplane headed to Singapore WTF.

I said to myself : F*ck This Sh*t.
I will go anyway, and the choice is in their hands. Not mine.
If I went, at least, I can tell myself I did my best.
If I didn't, forever I will never know if the chance would be mine.
And that I will blame myself for not even trying.

Everything went quite smoothly except my concerns about my breakout and the girl after me was super super SUPER pretty till it kinda broke my hopes. =.=

To be honest, I didn't put in a lot of hope of whether I was selected or not.
Right after the casting, I almost wanted to cry from disappointment because I didn't take care of my looks well enough.

I went home with mixed feelings, knowing it was for a brand I love, Canon.

Again, I said : F*ck This Sh*t.
I'm gonna bleach my hair blonde!

Oh how I enjoyed being blonde.

Because 5 days after the cast, I got an email from the production team that I got chosen by the client as the talent for their project!
*uh ohh my hair!!*

It happened to be on an unsuspecting afternoon while I was at work in the office too.
You cannot imagine how I couldn't contain the joy and immediately texted my mum about it.

Hence, my first ever international job started and my hairstylist Hikky-san did an awesome job transforming my hair back to a natural brown.

Oh did I manage to cure my allergies?
I quickly reached out to Dr. Chiam at The DRx Clinic for help and she gave me some cream & antibiotics right after the cast.
By the time they engaged me for the actual shoot, I had about 3 weeks to cure it.

If you're interested about the skincare clinic, click here.

I arrived a day earlier before the actual shoot for a fitting session, briefing with the director & paint my nails.

That's right. I even got an express gel manicure session so that my fingers look extra presentable WTF.

The following day was an early one with makeup & hair at 6.30 a.m in the hotel room & 7.30 a.m call time.
 And everything ended at nearly 2 a.m the next day.
That's 20 hours of just videoshoots alone.

For some of you have not witnessed TVC shootings before, talents are usually booked for the whole day because schedules can sometimes get messed up depending on the situation.
It could take up to hours of preparations and test shots before the real deal.

How I felt throughout the shoot?
I felt super honored to be that lucky girl for the project.
It was tiring but my spirit was not.
I just wanted to put my grasp on it and keep doing better each time.

During the shoot?
I felt like a star.
All eyes were on me.

Imagine this.
The director, producer, camera crew, lighting crew, wardrobe & makeup team, client.
And soon, the audience who were going to watch the outcome of the video.
Some of you might feel that there's a lot of pressure going on.
But I tried not to let the pressure get to me because it is my job to be at my best performance.

Feels like there's a big responsibility on my shoulders to look awesome during the shoot right?

But if you think deeply about this, it's on everyone's shoulders.

I am not the only star.
The biggest stars are EVERYONE responsible to make me look good.
And this is why I felt absolutely grateful for.

Most of the time, TVC shooting involves with the manpower of between 10 to 30 with jobscope ranging from storyline, shooting to video editing.
And that depends on how big is the project & how many talents are in.

I was the only talent they had to shoot for that project and it already took .....*calculating*
... More than 10 people (at least) involved.

So you can imagine being a YouTuber who has to be jack-of-all-traits.

From there, I know that video making videos takes a lot of manpower, effort, time and skills.
When it comes to TV commercials, it's a lot more technical because it's a matter of attracting your viewers in less than a minute and creating brand awareness.

And with this knowledge, I want to stand up to tell you not to underestimate the skills of creating video contents.

After the shoot?
I re-called how I contemplated about attending the casting session because of my own securities.
I feel proud that I can push myself further to believe in myself.
And I was once again proven to be wrong.
Wrong of my insecurities, wrong of doubts about myself, not good enough, not pretty enough, eyes not big enough, skin not smooth enough.

Should I just say that it's all the right reasons to be wrong.

I am most grateful to the people who have unknowingly proved me wrong.
And for giving me the chance to prove myself wrong.

When I think about, there's so many pretty,young and beautiful girls out there.
I'm not as pretty, stunning or beautiful.
And on the whole wide world, they placed their trust in me by giving me a chance.

Up till now, I feel super grateful to be given this chance.

 Now about the camera.
A lot of you have asked me, is the camera good?

I got my hands on the real camera during the whole shoot so let's have a look at scenes from my point of view!! =)
 It's a compilation of everything I took while shooting with the EOS M10.
 And with it being the perfect camera for selfies, obviously and naturally I took lots of selfies with it!
All with ZERO edits.

I'd say that the Canon EOS M10 is pretty impressive for portrait shots!

The body itself is very travel friendly, mirrorless, 180 degree flip touch screen, changeable sleeve to suite your aesthetic taste for cameras and changeable camera lens.
Takes awesome selfies with video capacity.

So if you have a thing for selfies and a travel friendly camera, this could be your choice.
Really love the bokeh effects it produced and I'm pretty sure there's a lot more potential if I could get a hold on it for more than just 2 days.

As promised, here's the video!!
I spent 3 days in Singapore and it felt like I was reborn into a whole new person.
Through this particular experience, it's not just a precious memory but a series of lessons I learned.

From this experience, I wish tell ALL of you who are reading this.

Looks are not everything if you cannot put yourself into positive thoughts.
 Positivity reflects on every muscle in your body and it affects the micro-movement on your body language.

People can see positivity through the eyes of their heart, and cameras catch it through it's lens.

I am not trained to be a professional model.
I may not have the world's most angelic face.
I am just as normal as anyone else.

But one should ALWAYS find a way and reason to prove yourself wrong of your doubts.
Be it given by someone, or finding it on your own.
Only you have the choice to decide whether it's the best reason to prove your doubts wrong.

Treat yourself with positivity, give yourself a chance and the others will do the rest for you.

Thanks to each and everyone during the shoot for taking care of me, giving me guidance and having so much patience with me!!

Special thanks to Canon Asia, Heidi, Ping, Sherwin, Jia Jia & Danny!!

Lots of love,



How should I start...
Well, it's another new year and it's a new chapter.

At least, that's what everyone would say in general.
It's been nearly 3 weeks past January and here I am contemplating about which platform I should write about my new year's resolution WTF.

End of the day, I still picked my official blog to do my resolutions just as I did last year.

I guess it's a good thing that it took me so long to write about it, plus gave me ample time to really pinpoint on what's gonna be important for me to go through the adventurous year of 2016. 

Rewinding myself with all the good stuff that I've been showered with throughout 2015, I'd say I'm one lucky girl. =)

Going back in time, there was always something to look forward to almost every month and it didn't stop even till now! 

Let's watch my first ever rewind video about my Best of 2015 on YouTube.

Now that it's all laid out, I also went back and read what I wrote on #Resolution2015.

Come to think of it, I think I managed to strike gold on most of the resolutions and I would like to keep it, improve and add a few more.

Here goes!

1.) Better Health

To be honest, I kinda butchered my health bar last year. *sigh*
Mostly on my head, neck and back.
On and off, I would be down like a potato and I can't do anything productive all day.

Thanks to that,I usually go into extreme mode again to compensate for that.
This year, I wish for better health so that I am able to do more.
Seriously, without health, I cannot do anything. =.=

2.) Enlightenment

I remembered very well that  I did mentioned I wanted to be "moderately bimbotic"?
Well, throughout year 2015, I learned to be just that but I kinda realized that it's not one of 'the best' thing to be on certain occasions.

Total ignorance is not a bliss. 
Knowing is better than not knowing.
There are at times, I would still want to know "WHY".
Especially when someone treats me in a certain way that I don't feel comfortable with.

I would want to have the ability to understand things that makes me feel confused about and confident about a situation.

3.) Wisdom 

Just like the icing on the cake, wisdom is what will help me deal with whatever I am aware of.
For example : If I'm aware of a problem, I should acknowledge it then find a way to accept & solve it with the best solution.

They just go hand in hand!
I sorta understood this somewhere on year 2015 and so I wish to practice this further.

4.) Reaching Out

Yes, I would like to reach out to more readers and viewers!

Maybe you don't know this but I'm completely independent without any tie or contract with agencies/companies.
And because of this, I do not have a third-party backbone for support or extra assistance when it comes to exposure.

So if you find any of my YouTube videos interesting, please do share it with your friends/family/uncle/aunty/cousin/daughter/son/brother/sister/pet!!!

Your support is very berry much appreciated and I shall be forever grateful 

5.) Travel, Eat, Love 

It's NEVER enough.
It is what fills my mind, heart and soul.
( I miss fresh & reasonable sushi, rich & creamy ramen broth etc etc etc wtf)

Travel does a lot of wonders to my life.
It inspires, enriches and motivates me a lot and at the same time, is the best medicine to calm my mind.

Although I did travel quite a bit last year but they were all quite a last minute decision other than going to Japan. I'm super glad I did it anyway. Hahahaha!!
So I hope by having it here on my resolution, I can (perhaps) have the blessings to do it more often. =)

That's about what I want for this year to help me propel to a better me and a better life.

Let the past be the past, cry out loud away all that made you upset behind and bring whatever that's good for you together.
(Yes, I still do cry when things upset me =.=)

I hope this blogpost motivates you to find resolution pointers that suites you as well!!