#LumiReview : My First Tooth Whitening Experience

Ohhaii with a big smile!!!

I (finally) did my first ever tooth whitening!!!!
Ever wondered how some people just have that million dollar smile but you just can't figure out WHAT IS IT?!!

I was looking at some top celebrities the other day and I noticed the celebrities that people tend to be more attracted to all have one thing in common.

It's the red lipstick?

I mean I do love to rock red lipsticks myself but do you know WHY some just do it better?
Other than a perfect set of straight teeth, it's more on those pearly shade of whites!

Red lipsticks just tend to either make your teeth stand out in a good way or a really bad one.
Have a look at an experiment I did on my own set of teeth before whitening.

Even if you're not into red lipsticks, I still feel that having a set of pearly whites really does make a big difference on one's appearance. 
Sure, you can cheat with photoshop but you can't when you're out meeting people right?

There are some things you just can't lie, especially on videos!
Let's have a look at YouTube personals that I absolutely adore, for example :

(Did I mention I got to meet her up close in person a few weeks ago?! *screams* But that's gonna be in another story so stay tuned!)

Michelle Phan
Clothesencounters/Jenn Im

They all have really lovely set of pearly whites and I find it really attractive!
It has been scientifically proven that a good set of teeth has a higher level of attraction.

Gosh, I do want to look 15% more attractive.

Without further adieu, allow me to show you an insight of how I got mine done!!
I made my first visit for a consultation from Dr. Wong (my dentist) to have a look at the condition of my teeth and to prepare what needs to be done before the whitening process. 

Considering that I have not visited a dentist for so long, I went for the whole package which includes scaling.
To my horror, I nearly became a candidate for gingivitis that causes receding gums thanks to plaques!!
Thank goodness Dr. Wong solved it for me and I reminded myself to floss everyday (and visit the dentist once a while for proper cleaning wtf).
Next, I was given fluoride treatment to help protect my teeth during the UV whitening treatment. 
(The fluoride gel tasted like orange flavoured jello by the way)
Polished my teeth so that the whitening process will be a bit more even. 
Well hello there, don't I look glamorous in this contraption? Hahahaha!!
But really, it's to make sure my mouth is stretched wide enough for the procedure as well as to protect my mouth with lots of stuffing and cover my gums only exposing my teeth to the laser.
And finally the whitening treatment with laser! 
 Just sit back and relax for 15 minutes.
There's a total of 4 stages (approximately 45-60 minutes) with 15 minutes as interval. During that period, I was told to point out if I felt any discomfort or sensitivity so that they can apply extra protection.

And if the sensitivity becomes super unbearable, they will have to stop the treatment to avoid hurting the gums or teeth. 

For me, I managed to complete stage 3 and had to stop in the middle of the final stage which is normal for almost every patient.

And here's the result!!
WOW, it's so yellow?!
(That's what my friend said to me WTF)

The result is THAT OBVIOUS.
Most importantly, this was taken right after the treatment which means it's INSTANT results.
#nofilter #nophotoshop #original #truestory 

It's not completely white but I'm happy with that because it's most natural that way.
There's a reason why we call them "pearly" whites. Pearls are not completely pure white!!
Let's compare a little before & after treatment shall we?
What better way to show it off than to put on a bold red lipstick right?!!

I opted to add-on a take home kit for further maintenance immediately after the treatment.
The brand I was given is called ZOOM where a copy mold of my teeth impression was taken to make these :
I did feel a slight tooth sensitivity on the day after the treatment but it wore down the next day.
Still, I was also given oral care gel to soothe any discomforts which is quite nice.

Apparently, the steps are quite easy and straight forward. 
There's 6 syringes in the kit and all I had to do every night was squeeze a tiny amount onto the moulds on areas I want to treat, put them on overnight and rinse the following morning.
Just repeat each night until you have used up all the syringes.

For the next few days, I was advised to "eat clean" which means there will be no food/drinks  like : 
Coffee, tea, syrup, fizzy/carbonated drinks and food/drinks that contains food coloring.
(Btw, I DON'T ughh =.=)

I have been thinking of getting it done for the longest time ever but here's my initial concern.

I'm a coffee & tea drinker. Would it be a waste?

Would it make my teeth 'thinner' after that?
Will my teeth become more sensitive?

It doesn't last.

The truth is.............

The drinking straw has become my best friend to enjoy my coffee/tea and I can live with that.

Teeth whitening DOES NOT thin out your teeth structure. Plaque & bacteria does.
Sensitivity depends on each individual and it's important for your dentist to check with what's best for you. As for me, nope.
It's true that it doesn't last, but that's natural as we eat & age! But you can still stretch it's lifespan when extra care is put into it.
At the end of the day, it's all in your mind whether if it's worth investing.

Everything summed up to only RM2,530.00 including scaling, fluoride treatment & a take home kit.
 Q&M Dental Surgery is more like a community clinic with certified dentists and orthodontists that caters for patients of all ages.
I mean, look at this room!! I wished they had this back when I was still a kid. >.<

Why this clinic?
Well duhh, for careful procedures and the price!!
Which I find quite reasonable for tooth whitening services PLUS an option for a take-home kit.
Is it worth it? YES.
Was it painful? NOT MUCH.
 Am I happy? DEFINITELY.
But it's all thanks to the careful attention of my dentist at Q & M Dental Surgery!
I like how my dentist would suggest what's best for my condition and not push for a maximum treatment that I cannot handle. 
 You know, your teeth is the only bone in your body that doesn't grow back?!!

They have branches in KL, Johor and also, Melaka so do check for on their website for one near you if you're keen. 
High-five if you're reading this in Singapore because Q&M Dental Surgery was first established there!!!

For more info : 

#LumiTravels Solo : Cafe Exploring in Tokyo

Photo credits to Nicole @jesuistigerlily
I'm back with another blogpost about my solo trip to Japan last April!!!
What?! Another post about this?! Lumi, how many do you plan to write about it hm?!!

As much as I'd like to bombard you with everything and move on, I still feel that it's best for me to lay them out in parts so that its easier to digest, you know?

 Tokyo is filled with lots of cafes and places to eat around to attract customers of certain tastes hence, I will talk about the cafes I tried and review them as I go. Perhaps you'll find one of them interesting to visit if you're planning to go to Tokyo eh?

Let's go!!

 76 CAFE
Yes, I admit that I'm VERY BIASED towards Number76.
Hey, there's nothing I can complain about their services so I have my rights to boast about them ^^

I had planned for Number76 in my travel itinerary because of their food in their Cafe.
Reason is simple enough.
Reasonably priced, simple & honest ingredients and it's delicious.

I had the sandwich for lunch and I was warmed up by all the elements around this humble piece of bread.
I love how they put into considerations of how we eat our sandwiches with our hands by individually wrapping each slice with a piece of wax paper.
That's right, sandwiches are always best enjoyed when you actually dig in using your hands!

What's inside?
Ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and specially mashed pink sweet potatoes (that looked like salmon).
There's no traces of a "soggy sandwich", which we all see a lot that gets drenched in sauces.
Instead it's moistened mostly by pure honest ingredients.

If you've traveled to Tokyo before, eating out in a cafe/restaurant isn't the price like what we can enjoy in Malaysia. So for a cafe that's always full during lunch hour, you'll soon realise that the locals know what's worth!

Location :
Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 4 Chome−9−2, 神宮前 MM ビル 1F & B1

Website :

This cafe is tucked right within the Mitsukoshi Department Store at 2nd Floor and it's not gonna be those moment you decide to enter when you "just so happen to walk by" .

As for me, I simply wanted to see what's all the commotion about Laduree hence I Google mapped while I was walking around Ginza seeking for a place to chill.

Hence I entered without hesitation and ordered two macarons (Pistachio & Rose) to go with my all-time black coffee. I still find that the combination of overly sweet macarons versus bitter black coffee is a good match so I wouldn't complain much for how it tastes.
Priced at 2500++ yen for this simple set, even my boyfriend expressed that it's on a pricey end via WhatsApp. LOL!!
To be honest, I would much rather buy their signature Laduree cosmetics over splurging them on the cafe.

But hey, we girls don't need a reason for wanting to try it out right?
Would I go back to this cafe? Probably not.

However, you may still consider Laduree Cafe an option to if you're in Ginza craving for a taste of luxurius hi-tea that comes with silver cutleries and fine china. Extra luxury points if you get a seat by the window like me!

Location : 
Japan, 〒104-8212 Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza, 4 Chome−6−16

Website : www.laduree.jp

I'm a flower person.
Believe me, if you're also a flower person (like me) you'll ADORE this tea house!
Aoyama Flower Market Tea House has it's interior filled with freshly picked seasonal flowers and plants it makes you feel so fresh and relaxed!
I fell in love with this place the moment I saw it online while surveying about cafes to visit in Tokyo.
The entrance is an actual florist shop where it can be easily mistaken as an average shop but there's a working tea house that serves really exquisite AND delicious dessert and tea!
I was all ready to point & order but luckily the waitress somehow knew I wasn't local and gave me an English menu which I felt very thoughtful. ^^

At that point, I already knew what I wanted to order but looking at the menu I couldn't help but be in awe of how connected this tea house is with the change of season.
And I dived straight into ordering their signature dessert, the Flower Parfait and a lemongrass mint tea to match.

I wished I did take lots of picture of the beautiful parfait but I'm sorry to say I didn't.
Nevertheless, it's VERY pretty to almost angelic that I blurted out "Kawaiii~~~" to the waitress that served me. >.<
Presentation aside, it tasted absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
That's right, that wasn't a typo.
There's crunch, soft, smooth, and a balance of sweet & sour that tickled my tastebuds.

Please do stop me if I went a little too far but the parfait was so delicious and it has a good balance of components ranging from the creamy vanilla ice-cream, spongy cake, light scent of rose in the jelly, sprinkles of edible flower petals and interesting crunchy bits.

That's right, I can't stop talking about this!!!!
The tea house serves a variety of fresh herb tea, soda, juices and even alcohol which means it's a majority "girl thing"

You'll feel completely relaxed and laid back being in there.
 Oh, and do bring your BFF because you'll both enjoy it a lot.
And if you're a guy reading this, well, bring your girlfriend there and she'll love you even more. *wink*

Location : 
Japan, 〒107-0062 Tokyo, Minato, Minamiaoyama, 5 Chome−1−2, 青山エリービル1F

Website : www.afm-teahouse.com

It was one of those morning where I got a little tired of onigiri breakfasts and yearning for something light.(Yes,you eventually WILL get bored of rice for breakfast after a while!)

To me, Doutor Coffee is a very simple & humble alternative to Starbucks minus the option of fancy seasonal drinks.

They specialize in coffee roasting and coffee product retails in Japan so it's quite a 'local thing'.

Somehow I love how my sandwich is freshly assembled upon order and Doutor delivers just that.
I opted for the breakfast set that comes with a ham & egg sandwich and coffee.
Warm toasted bread, fresh eggs, crispy crunchy lettuce, slices of tomatoes and thinly sliced ham.
I find it very comforting eating this on a rainy day and I love how the ham is so thin it almost melts in my mouth.

Oh, and I felt healthy WTF. ^^

Doutor Coffee branches mainly focuses in Tokyo city so if you happen to see one, try it out!
(Or if you're in Singapore, lucky you!!)

Location :
Link to Doutor Coffee branches here

Website : www.doutor.co.jp


Convenience store (aka konbini) definitely is incomparable to everywhere else in the world.
Although it shouldn't be in the category of being a cafe but I still think it's starting to transform into a 'semi-cafe' because of the range of food items that you can conveniently grab for a quick bite.

There's not many that provides seats but I managed to stumble across one hence it deserve to have a spot in this post (^.<)

You'd be surprised (and excited) as I was once you actually see how konbinis in Japan has evolved that they are now selling dessert and pastries from waffles, cakes to macarons!

Which is no surprise that most of my meals for breakfast & lunch are from the Family Mart.


 In Tokyo, there's always a "cafe trend" going on and you'll know which is IN when you see a queue building up.
Apparently I found out that Luke's Lobster is (still) one of them when my friends and I planned our way there.
Their signature food item definitely goes to the lobster roll and it's all about the lobster!!
 You can choose how much lobster meat you'd want by either selecting the US or REGULAR however, the size of the buns is the same.

No doubt, we all went full blast to maximize our lobster filling.
When they say its all lobster, they really do mean it when they served the buns loaded with JUST lobster meat.
I like how honest the ingredients are and couldn't wait any further after feeding my camera but I felt a slight bit of disappointment once I bite into these rolls because the lobster meat was served chilled.

It's good, but not great.
Probably because of the chilly weather and we all anticipated for something warm to dig in to.
Perhaps it'll taste better during the summer?

Location : 
Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, 渋谷区Jingumae, 6−7−1

Website : lukeslobster.jp


Starbucks is no stranger to all coffee fanatics but here's my secret.
I'm not there for their coffee in this particular branch planted right in front of the famous Shibuya crossing above Tsutaya.

That's right! This is my favourite place for people watching whenever I visit Shibuya because it's the best spot to chill and get a good view of tiny  people crossing about.

That aside, we can always anticipate what's their seasonal drinks and merchandises!!

Location :
21-6 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan

That's all for my personal sharing of the cafe's I tried, went and stumbled upon!
I hope you find one (or more) of it interesting and worth your visit when you go to Tokyo.

Ending my blogpost with my latest Youtube video of my solo travel.
Please enjoy, gimme some love and subscribe to my channel for more!!