Love & Co. x LoveLumi : My Kind of Diamond

I guess at some point, every girl/lady/woman goes through a phase of fantasizing about marriage & diamond rings. 

I know I have. 
(Still am!!!)

And especially when I'm at a ripe age to think about it, I don't shy away conversations like my ideal diamond ring with the love of my life. 

I believe it was never a hard thing for us ladies to pick out our preferred diamond ring because I think women generally do more research on diamonds than most men would
It's the same as how men would research on their ideal Rolex/Bell & Ross watch.

So, the pressure is mostly on the men. 
It would be quite an awkward position to be in if your lady knows a lot more about the diamond you're getting her than you do guys!
About a week ago, I was invited by Love & Co. to browse on some sparkly diamonds and jewelry along with my partner (aka my possible future husband).
At the same time, get to know how diamond shopping has evolved. 
Love & Co. is a premier jeweler with international standing that herald a unique brand concept.
They are the first jeweller in Asia to adopt the Sarine Profile by Sarine Technologies Ltd.
It's basically a digital technology that grades and analyses diamonds hence, providing a more overall report on the diamond of your choice.
More about Sarine Technologies here.

Every LVC Lovemark diamonds come with an internationally recognized digital report by Sarine Technologies.
So how does this technology in LVC Lovemark in Love & Co. help you pick the ideal diamond?
I'm pretty sure we have all asked uncle Google the same question when it comes to diamonds.

The most common answer is judging based on the 4C element - Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat.
But Love & Co provides information beyond the typical 4C with four more parameters called - Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Light Symmetry.

With the help of the latest digital shopping experience, the unique qualities of every LVC Lovemark diamond is elevated for every customer's understanding through the website. 
Here's an example link to how you can view your piece of diamond in literally 360 degrees inside-out & upside down.

From the link, you will get your very own report and certificate on every detail you want to know about the diamond.
It's quite impressive that this technology actually allows us to also view a zoomed in version of the diamond in every angle possible.

Guys, now that you've picked your ring....
 May I suggest a proposal method?
Personally, I love this see-through crystal box concept that Love & Co. provided because of it's elegance and the design of the box was made to focus light from all directions into the diamond ring within the box.

There is a cuter version which is pair of plush bears with the male holding the ring.
 A strategic place to place a ring, I would say. 
Love & Co. offers a variety of couple/wedding bands too!
Since it's something both of you are going to wear for a long long LONG time, it's best to pick one that comes with COMFORT!
As much as a ring may look pretty, nothing beats that extra comfort on your fingers.
I personally tried out their signature wedding bands and they glide in LIKE BUTTER!
No need for extra moisturizer. LOL!
This blogpost is going to be super long if I decide to tell you every single fact about these sparkling babies but why not get a better understanding from the experts in Love & Co. showrooms located near you?!
You know, have a romantic dinner... stroll around the mall... and view some couple rings with your one & only. ^.<

They are currently located in these places :

The Gardens Mall, Midvalley
One Utama Shopping Centre
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre
City Square, Johor Bahru
Gurney Plaza, Penang

However, I guess it really doesn't matter whether you're a guy reading this to get some heads-up about engagement ring shopping or you're a single woman who just wants to reward yourself with your very own diamond ring.
I hope this blogpost shed you some light and brilliance on your future/next diamond purchase!
For me, it has got to be a diamond ring if I can only wear one ring in my life.
(Yes ladies, you can if you have the power to afford your own diamond, do it!!)


ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser [ #LumiReview ]

This is a very peculiar thing for me. 
So I'm back blogging again & this time I'm reviewing a cellphone. 
I'm sure you know it's gonna come from me sooner or later!! 

First of all, I'm not fussed when it comes to what kind of mobile phone I use.
By no means I am a professional gadget person. 
And I have no sense of knowledge about complicated things like "specs" or even "processor".
(I should be ashamed I KNOW!! Please don't laugh at me >.<)

However, I believe that I'm still capable of giving a reasonable opinion from one who's always posting content on social media. 
Hence, I am reviewing the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser from my personal point of view and the perspectives of a normal person.

Let's go!

 First thing's first, I gotta say the screen is HUGE.
On the other hand, I can't seem to single handedly hold on to it with my dwarf-sized hand.
Though I would not say it fits right into the palms of my hand with ease doesn't mean it won't on YOU!
But I'm not going to complain since I get to enjoy a wider display view whenever I stream videos online.
Basically the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser has all the standard buttons an Android would have, PLUS, a finger print sensor.
Honestly, I appreciate how the fingerprint sensor is placed right at the back of the phone because it can be used as a shutter button when taking photos!
It made my life so much more easier and the struggles of having access to camera mode lifted.

Here are some of the highlight features of the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser which I thought would be useful for you guys to take note of.

Ultra Fast 0.03s Laser Auto Focus
Shoot detailed photos lightning fast with laser speed autofocus.

Touch Security
It comes with 5 finger recognition for unlocking your phone, instant camera access, snap with a tap of your finger and even launch a favorite app. with specific fingerprints!

High Multi Threaded Performance
64-bit processor with up to 4GB RAM for fast performance multitasking.

Long Lasting Battery
Everyone loves that extra lasting battery. Enough said. =)

Five Magnet Speaker
Delivers supreme quality audio combined with ASUS AudioWizard software for specific modes like Movie mode, Gaming mode, Keynote mode, Music mode & Smart mode for the ultimate experience for your ears please.

Now the fun part!
From hereon, everything will be based on my own true experience about the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser .
Let's do the standard way of checking out a new phone shall we?
You know what I mean!! ^.<

And what is the most default action  EVERYONE does whenever we get our hands on a new phone?
(That's right!)
And here's what I found out about their camera.
Let's not compare my HD quality photos that I make with a proper camera ok?
The reason why I'm not a big fan of the quality of the photos the phone produces is simply because I am very accustomed to DSLR photography!!!
However, I'm impressed that it has a Manual Mode that allows me to tinker with the ISO & Shutter Speed which means it has a bit more flexibility for any just-in-case-scenario when I have no other options but a phone.

Hey,  it comes with a Beauty Setting too.
You know that awesome Snapchat filter that gives you a slimmer chin, bigger eyes, and god-like smooth skin? 
This phone has it too and you can adjust the intensity according to your likings!
I was driving the other day and happen to spot a nice ray of sunset so I decided to casually test the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser out.
Unusually-lit subjects are detected by the color correction sensor to make them look more natural.
The photo above was taken briefly but I'd say it's still quite impressive and forgivable.
But what I find myself absolutely loving about the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser is that it's functions are perfect for gaming!!!

I am no inspector gadget but it does has a smart way of clearing space hence, allowing butter smooth gaming operation. Oh yes.

And on top of that, audio performance is an essential stimulant for all the games I play.
  Not only that, I absolutely love it especially when I stream Spotify/JOOX for some cool & calm music on early mornings. BESSTTT~

Smart move ASUS, you have successfully pampered my ears. ^.<

And like I've said, I'm reviewing it from the point of a person that's not fussy over phones.
Yet I still hope my review can help shed some light to those of you who are in search for a phone that suites your personal needs & requirements!!

For more detailed information, click here -


FTC : This is a sponsored review kindly supported by ASUS. However, all reviews are based from my genuine personal experience to ensure my viewers are able to read my most honest & accurate opinion.