Save my skin DRx!

What happened?

On this particular post, I'll be talking about my journey to getting back my clear skin!!
It all started with a new beginning in my life, busier I suppose, and I experienced the scariest things about pimple breakouts.

Most of them say it's caused by hormones, and some say it's stress.
I say it's BOTH.
Like WTH, it's so unattractive!!

I ate clean, I work out, sweat out.
But the thing about it is that IT KEPT COMING BACK.
One day, it calmed down and the next day it went crazy!
I just couldn't figure out what's wrong with me. T_____T

Now I totally understand how some of you feel who are in this situation.
It's frustrating!!!

This is how my chin looked like when I had the infection going on.

Believe me, you won't want to see the other side of my chin. T_____T

 Then I finally couldn't stand it anymore and texted Dr. Chiam, my skincare doctor for help.
I told her I tried every home remedy I could think of and she said that I still need go for some professional treatment to the eliminate bacteria.
Hence I was convinced.
Dr. Chiam literally freaked out when she saw me WTF.

She put me down like a kid grounded immediately for my treatment.
Hence, our facial spring cleaning began.

Numb cream check!
Apparently, I have a lot of DEEP and CLOSED comedones around my chin area which is causing all the unstable volcanic breakouts so they must be removed.

Electrocautery :  First treatment was to eliminate my deeply clogged pores by burning off a thin layer on the surface of my skin, then extraction.
(AKA : Pulling out the weeds from it's roots. LOL!)

But I was warned to experience a few day's worth of downtime from the scabs and red markings that looked like this.

Scary huh??

Dual Yellow Combi Laser : Which was done on the same day as Electrocautery to target all my acne areas to deliver a type of light energy to kill off bacteria deep within my skin over time.
(AKA : Pesticide. Double LOL!)

I could feel a bit of sting like ant bites but it's bearable.

Q-Switch : Done on and off once a week to help eliminate pigmentation from acne, hyper-pigmentation and minimize pores.
(AKA : Soil plowing to smoothen the land wtf. Triple LOL!!!)

So yeah, I would say it's quite a spring cleaning / land clearing job The DRx Clinic has done for me to get back my acne-free skin!!
And here's post-treatment after week 2 of my chin which is pretty much under control~
*big sigh of relieve*

PLEASE NOTE : Photo is not edited, just cropped for better visual.

I was on close and intense monitor on my skin condition so I visit Dr. Chiam at least once a week during the outbreak.
What's a few week's worth of downtime? What's an extra travelling route worth?
What's that extra trouble to schedule a bit more time for a treatment?
For better looking skin?
It's totally worth it!!!

Other than treatment, Dr. Chiam planned my facial sessions to suit my treatment for better recovery.
While I can't just rely on treatment alone, I still do my skin aftercare at home!
Recovery will take time hence I think I should also do my part in maintaining the condition of my skin.

So far, these are my favourite products that I'm consistently using :

It's very important that I keep my skin clean and fresh, yet, not too harsh.
Cleansing //  Clarisonic Mia 2, Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Anti/Oxi

My skin condition got super dry due to God-knows-why so I'm keeping it hydrated at home!
Aftercare // Derma-Rx BFM mask, Derma-Rx Hydrator, Derma-Rx Comedone Formula, Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

Exposed skin is a big no no especially in sunny Malaysia.
DRx Clinic recently came out with a brand new formula for their sunscreen and I'm loving it!
It's a lot lighter than the previous one I had PLUS it is now water-resistant.
(Yayy for sports activity!)

Ending this post with a nicer chin of mine after 1 month.
 I'm super glad I visited The DRx Clinic soon enough to treat my skin breakout because right after that, I had several photoshoots waiting for me.

Else my self esteem could've gone down the drain and into the sewers.
I still visit Dr Chiam at least once every 2 weeks for close monitoring and she is always super attentive towards which treatment would do best.

It's like a customized treatment program specially designed for me.
Anyway,  just sharing about my breakout experience and it definitely reminded me of my teenage blues.
(Ugghh I can't believe I still have teenage hormones even now)

And that I should really appreciate my skin more and never take it for granted.

A shoutout to all you who has this problem!!!
I truly understand how it feels and if you're interested to give The DRx Clinic a go to treat your problem areas, here's a link to their website for more info :

The DRx Clinic

Address: N-1-1, Plaza Damas, 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
 Tel : +603 62013088

5 Reasons Why Number76 Kept Me Coming Back

For almost 3 years now that I've been AND still supporting this particular salon. Yet, I still couldn't find a reason why shouldn't I?!

You probably implemented that this is one of those sponsored blogpost.
But hey, nobody can make me blog unless I wanted to.
That's for sure.

It all started when I first visited Number76 to get my first strand of pinkness. 
I did my research online and came about reading Cheeserland and Fourfeetnine's blogpost about the salon. 
And I remember that tingling excitement in me when I finally had my first ever bizarre and bold color. 

I finally found my identity.
 And I most certainly found my best hairstylist, Hikky-san.
I think we're more like friends now tho... LOL!

If you've noticed, the hair coloring culture has definitely evolved over the past year as people start to accept new ideas and colors.
People are more open about different hair colors than it used to before. 
Believe me, it skyrocketed when every famous celebrity/blogger/ social media trendsetter did it.

Now lots of salons start offering bizarre hair coloring services.

 So far I'm sticking to Number76 and here's why :

1.) They deliver

One of the most disappointing thing about hairsalons is when they cannot deliver what you expect to receive. 
The feeling is mutual. 
I think I was never once being disappointed by their delivery of luscious beautiful hair. And out of the 10 times I had my hair dyed, I could say out of 9, I felt very happy with the results.

If you don't believe me, check out their instagram at @number_76 with all the happy customers that posted and tagged their beautiful hair!
Sure, sometimes I end up having a different colour than I expected and Hikky-san almost never fail to make it work.

It's all about experimenting my own hair right? 
Which I can do, and which I can't. 

Or else she'd do it again to make sure it's the right one.

2.) Worth the price

I have been asked if their service is expensive, TOO MANY TIMES.
And I would answer them : It's worth all my hard earned money, for the price of their efforts and promise to deliver.
You might say it feels over-rated but beauty definitely comes with a price, especially if you're dealing with color and looking for a unique style of your own.

Considering their dedication, the amount of effort they have put in to make sure we get the best out of it, and their excellent skills.
Which would self explain when I make the rest of my points below.

3.) Fresh 
Like sashimi. 
You might not know this but Hikky-san keeps herself updated with Japan's latest trends and fashions to bring it all to us.
They are always keeping things interesting. 
A new style, a new trend, a new idea.
And it keeps people wanting more and looking forward to.
For a person like me who loves to change my hairstyle, I find myself always being kept entertained.
When there's passion, there's self improvement.

4.) Strict Quality Control
Every product went through strict survey and testing by all the in-house senior director .
If they don't feel it's good enough, they won't use it.
Which is what we end up getting.
Only the good stuff they feel right for the customers.

Please allow me to explain a senario I am way too familiar with.
 "SOMETIMES" when a brand  promotes a new product to a salon, "SOME" hairstylist don't even try the product themselves.
And what they do?

"Your hair looks dry!!"
"By the way, there's this new hair treatment. You should try it. It says it can smoothen your hair."

MEH =.=

The big difference is this.
Every treatment package in Number76 went under heavy scrutiny before they can finally put it in their service menu.

For example, this new hair treatment service they introduced by Kerastase called :

 Fusio-Dose Hair Treatment
What's so special is that I can actually choose to mix my own treatment potion.
It ranges from moisturising, color lock, strengthening, and scalp care.
First I choose the main vial of either one.
And if I wish to add any other effects, I'll pick the small little caps of booster in front to add on.
I chose the moisturising (orange) as my main vial then added color lock (pink) and strengthen (green). 

How they mix the potion is rather interesting too!
They screw on the booster on the vial and it will puncture the capsule to release the droplets of essence into the vial.
Once everything is in, just shake to mix and ready to spray on!
I gotta admit this is slightly more pricey than their signature Ultrasonic treatment for a small vial like this but I might say that the Fusio-Dose is better.

Seriously, judgement based on size and quantity is just too old school.
Come on, you don't even judge a person's intelligence based on the size of his/her head right???
I do apply hair masks at home but usually they can only treat the outer layer of my hair.
But this treatment essence actually penetrates deep into my hair follicles for better performance.

Kinda like home facial versus professional facial spa.
Or anti-aging serum versus fillers on your face.

It's tiny, yes, but it's powerful.
Like "liquid luck" from the Harry Potter movie.

It's only available in only a few selected hairsalon so it's like a limited edition thing.
So far I know that only their branch in PUBLIKA has it so you should try it when you visit!!

5.) They Care
I still remember how managing director, Mr. Hamaguchi Daisuke never fails to say hi to me whenever he's around just to say thanks for the support!!

Throughout my visits to Number76, NEVER ONCE was I being treated like a normal come-and-go customer.

They all care for my hair and Hikky-san even rejected my request when I wanted to bleached blonde hair for the sake of my hair condition. They take note of what works best for me because they know that everyone is different.

Which explains why I still have hair intact on my scalp till today.
I would be lying if I say I'm not biasedly loved and sponsored by them but I'm not gonna do that.
Cause I don't have to do that, you know?
Still, let me make this clear.
 I am not paid to rave about hairsalons.

Many times I could have ran off to all the invitations from different hairsalons but I didn't.
Being a blogger, I thought I should be but at the end of the day there's nothing wrong with staying loyal to ONE when they are really THAT GOOD.

And good things are meant to be shared!!
I have an important announcement to make in conjunction with August promotion for Number76 Hairsalon.
(Also in conjunction with our 3 years relationship ^^)

  • To ALL NEW MEMBERS or if you who always wanted to visit the salon, QUOTE MY NAME "Lumi" to enjoy a whooping 30% OFF TOTAL BILL for their services!

Not a new member?

  • BRING A NEW FRIEND for a hair date and you can BOTH enjoy 30% off total bill as well.

*Applicable to all branches in Midvalley, Bangsar, Starhill and Publika*

What's more??

As an introduction to the Fusio-Dose hair treatment only available in PUBLIKA, you may enjoy 15% OFF treatment AND boosters when you top up with 2 or more boosters!! 

That's right, I managed to get a deal from them that you simply cannot resist as a way to share the joy with all of you lovely babes.

Quote my name now and join the Number76 hype~

Do visit their website or follow their Instagram for their latest news and promotions at :

This offer will only last till end of August so hurry and make your appointment now!!! 

I can't wait to see all your beautiful hair creations!!!