#LumiLookBook : 8 Ways to Style a Tulle Skirt


I've been missing in action lately all because of this : Click to read

Nevertheless, I make sure I still pick up time to make my videos possible so that you guys can watch em~!!


Over the past weeks, I have been playing around with styling the lovely tulle skirt and I am falling in love with not only the colour, but the amazing quality of this custom made skirt.

Okay, less of my crap talking and let's get on with some still shots of the 8 styles I did!

#Look 1 : Classic Lady
The moment I got my hands on the skirt, I instantly knew it'll go super well with my satin top.
So I altered my top by stitch pinching the collar area for a more feminine touch. 
I also went with a studded black clutch for some edge and attitude.
The tulle alone stands out loud so I matched it with only a pair of pearl earrings and nothing more. 

Top // O'Bambi
Heels // Emoda
Clutch // BlaqMagicLVRS
Earrings // Jadore Janelle

#Look 2 : Casual Girl
Enough with the lazy Sunday outfit! 
Take on a whole new level with a statement T-shirt tucked into this pom pom skirt and it's casual yet interesting.
Mad lovin my leather Converse too. <3

Top // GU Japan
Sneakers // Converse

#Look 3 : On Denim 
This is also another one of my favourite looks because you can never go wrong with a good piece of denim. 
I went for a basic crop top paired with a cropped denim to balance out my body proportion and slipped on sneaker wedge for some long legs.
Call me a casual freak but I find that casual styles brings more personality in one's self.

Top // Topshop
Cropped denim // BlaqmagicLVRS
Sneaker // PUMA

#Look 4 : Sporty Thing
You can even make it look somewhat toned down with a nice sports cardigan or one with a hoodie.
Sports shoes are comfy to wear on too so it's all about comfort for this look.

Top // Stolen from mama Lumi >.<
Sports shoe // Reebok

#Look 5 : Relaxed
I have NO IDEA why I named this look "relaxed" since the whole outlook does not even make you blend into the walls. LOL!
But I kinda like long sleeves and sweaters so whenever I wear them on cold rainy days, I feel a lot more cosy.
Striped socks have always been a hit in Japan so how can I not miss it?!

Top // H&M
Shoes // PUMA
Socks // Tutuanna

#Look 6 : Lil Princess
I really felt like a flower princess for this look and I guess it's not exactly a friendly look for-all-ages, if you know what I mean? 
But it's a smart way to utilize this look for dreamy and girly photoshoots!
You know what's even better? For your bridesmaids!!

Top // Forever21 Kids
Flats // GU Japan

#Look 7 : Kinda Serious
Who says you can't match it with your collared work top for a fun fashionista look?!
White buttoned up collared top, drape on sweater, heels and socks.
Enuff said.

 Top // ZARA
Sweater // Forest
Heels // EMODA
Socks // Tutuanna

#Look 8 : Chic Princess
Bucket hats and hippie embroidered tops are in trend for a somewhat modern bohemian touch.

 Hat // WEGO
Top // Kitschen
Boots // BlaqmagikLVRS

Would you just LOOK at that skirt?!
The quality, the layers and the workmanship shows well even on a simple still OOTD shot and I am very impressed with how much good effort they put into making my skirt.
And I'm sharing the joy!

Now you've probably heard that I'm actually making a GIVEAWAY. 
Yes, a real giveaway by yours truly.
I'm buying ONE of you lucky girl out there a pretty tulle skirt from Bon Bon Boutique!!

Isn't it awesome or what?!
You will get to have one of your very own tull skirt made according to your waistline AND length PLUS colour from their collection~

How to Win :

1.) Share my video on Facebook 
2.) Tag my Facebook page, LoveLumi
3.) Make sure your profile is public
4.) Done!

You may share it as many times as you want and the winner will be selected RANDOMLY on 17th July 2015 at my Instagram account. 

Try your luck out! Maybe you'll be my lucky star who will win the skirt from me~

If you wish to know more about the custom made tulle skirts, do visit : 

I'm Alive, CMC Booster, May Vlog

Hi loves!!

Gawd I feel so embarrassed to even check my own blog out since it's been hybernating for the longest time EVER. 

Anyway, I'm not here to dread about how my blog is almost dead but I just wanted to say hi guys!!

FYI, you should be reading my updates on Dayre in case you're wondering where I've been!!!

Long story short, I've been busy with my full time job and I had to make some sacrifices.
Hence to lack of updates and my slow blogging metabolism.

STILL! I didn't want to update for the sake of keeping my platform alive because it's simply not my style. I'll only want to show you guys the end product of something I'm truly satisfied with, ya know? 

As much as it ached me to slow down with my updates, it ached me even more that I barely had time to pamper myself with the simplest beauty necessity. 

Hikky-san, my hairstylist asked me to come over to Number76 Hairsalon for their latest hair treatment called the CMC Booster which actually treats different hair damage levels.

She was raving madly of how good it is that I said to myself : 
"ON la, I must book for my appointment and go no matter how!!" 

Before we talk about the new hair treatment, let's take a look at our hair patient (aka my hair). 

Bleached blonde : Check
Dry : Check
Frizzy : Check
Brittle : Not so, but still check!

Like I said, I barely had time for basic beauty necessities!!!

Even if I had, I guess I'd rather get myself more rest for more energy to "just keep swimming".

On top of that, my roots are starting to show and it's getting little too fugly to style FML.
You cannot believe how happy and relaxed I felt once I sat myself down at Number76 for a hair session!

Oh white brick walls decorated with plants, I'd look at you all day and space out. (O.O) 

Number76 Publika can get quite packed with customers but it has a good sense of space so I didn't feel too stuffed.

I love the fact that the spacing is well planned without totally maximizing it to fit more custormers like canned sardines.

Everything is detailed from deco to style!
I feel so d*mn proud of Hikky to be honest!!!

If your eyes are 'sharp', you may find these cute little pricks around. ^^
Geddit? LOL!

Now you're probably wondering what does the CMC Booster do?
It's a treatment booster that can be added on either before, during OR after chemical service.
Each booster has it's own formula and unique functions so you will be prescribed with the necessary booster according to your hair damage level.

I heard it's also great in enhancing formulas on perm lotions and color mixtures.
Which means longer lasting hair colour/perms??

How can I resist not trying this treatment out??!!! 

Judging from my hair, no doubt, I had to go all 5! LOL!!
I did ask : Why can't they make one that has all the functions?

Well, the answer was rather simple.
It's just like how 3-in-1 shampoos does not deliver 100% of each functions because the ingredients are distributed, not concentrated. 
With each booster's specific functions, you will experience better results! 

Let me tell you a secret. 

I do like the feeling when someone else washes my hair or massages my scalp for me.
It's just different from when I massage on my own. >.<
Maybe cause all I had to do was relax. HAHAHA!!



I could actually feel my hair coming back to life OMG!!
You know that feeling when it gets caught halfway while you run your fingers through you hair?

It's always like I finally got back the moment where I can elegantly (and smoothly) run my fingers through the ends of my hair. 

So smooth I could've auditioned for a shampoo commercial if it wasn't for my obsession with bleach colored hair WTF.

Each booster costing at RM40 (original price), I still feel it's a pretty good deal to add on into your next visit to Number76 eh?
But for any promotions, you'd have to keep track of the updates on their official FB page, website or Instagram.
I'll provide you with a link at the end of this post.

And no, you don't have to rub your eyeballs off looking at the photo of my hair.

Yes, it's two different tones on each side!
I told her I wanted to try it out but lots of the examples online had too much contrast like Cruella De Vil.
 And I didn't want that.
So I told her I wanted something that has a lighter tone.

In case you're interested, Hikky-san tried out the metallic hair color series on me.
The grey game is definitely going strong!!

But if you're not into the half-half hair thing, maybe you can just go ahead and pick a side. =P
What'd you think?
Yay or nay for a soft ombre, sideways?

Oh btw! 
I made a vlog just in case you're interested with some of the special events I attended and footages on days I get to do something fun.

Lemme know if you want more vlog footages on special occasions I'm in!!

For more info about my hair color and the CMC Booster treatment, I'm just sharing good stuff so here's where you can ask all about it : 

I'll see you on my next YouTube video!!