#LumiTravels to Adelaide, Day 1 : Mercure Grosvenor Hotel, Pizza Waffle, San Churro Chocolateria

I could barely believe that I started year 2015 with Adelaide as my first trip of the year.
I take that as a really good sign for me to start the year eh?

It was rather last minute and I didn't prepare such an early allowance to travel but, the heck, I should just savour it when opportunities like this came knocking on my door.

You might wonder, why Adelaide?
There's nothing much there! 

Well, I do plan to visit more of Australia and I guess Adelaide is a good place to start. 
Since people always tell me that Australia can be quite a quiet country, why not start from the most?

So here I am!!
South Australia, Adelaide.
I was too tired from the flight the night before so I slept in till almost late afternoon to replenish before heading out for a walk. 

Our stay for the week was in a quaint little hotel located at the heart of Adelaide city, called Mercure Grosvenor Hotel. 
I'm not exactly super particular about hotel rooms, as long as it's clean and comfortable.

Here's how the room looks like.

Dozed off till late afternoon and headed out to look for some food.
Well, what'd you know?? The hotel I was to spend my nights in was located right in front of a casino! 

Shopping malls closes at 5.30 p.m everyday so there's not much entertainment at night other than pubs and desserts. 
So casinos are also one of the main night entertainments as well! 

Isn't it beautiful? That's the University of Adelaide. 

We kinda wandered around quite aimlessly just to have a look at the environment and the weather was just PERFECT for a stroll.

Initially I was quite worried that since it's summer, I might not be able to stand the heat.
It was breezy throughout the days I was there!

Since nightfall was approaching, time for some FOOD ENTERTAINMENT!
Note that I was still a little woozy after sleeping in that I left my camera in the hotel room.
I had to resolve to using my Xiami Note phone camera temporarily.

Waffle's Waffle & Coffee, Leigh St

This particular waffle and coffee place was a random find all because I was attracted by their new menu, the Belgian Pizza Waffle.

Plus, I was showing a mild low blood pressure symptoms, I gave myself room for some salt in the cheese. =)

Note : It was one of the best finds ever because for my coming food posts in Adelaide, there will be a lot more cheeses in my dish. I have my reasons!!

They serve mainly sweet dessert waffles but being the savoury fan, I just had to go for some salt. 

Breakfast all day is LOVE . Just LOOK at that sunny side up!!
I personally recommend salting the fresh tomatoes. They're delicious after freshly salted. 
I'm seriously serious.

Pizza Waffle was SO SO good. The waffle was slightly sweet, light and crispy, yet matches really well with the saltiness of the ham, mozzarella and cheddar cheese with a twang of tomato sauce and pineapple bits.

We split the eggs with toast and ham together with the pizza waffle to share.

If you're looking for something light to start, this little waffle place may be a good place to go. It won't be easy to spot since it's a small waffle place. But do look for a brightly painted orange interior wall along Leigh St, hopefully they didn't change it for the years to come. Hahaha!

If you're still interested, here's a link to their Facebook page.

San Churro Chocolateria, Rundle St

Pups wanted me to try out this chocolateria since his first San Churro visit back then, famous for their chocolate.

Also cause sugar and salt can help with raising my blood pressure, which explained why we kinda had desserts for dinner. LOL!

Upon entering, I felt as if anyone would be absolutely spoilt for choices.
Not just from the menu, but the chocolate retail bar.
It's so full of different kinds of chocolate, sweets and chocolate lollipops!

And all I could smell was chocolate. 

I feel so inspired to be a sweets master after looking at these.

I'm a fan of a good creamy and flavourful ice-cream as well.
Don't you think they look so inviting??
This isn't the best yet, I promise!

I think that night was probably one of the first nights in my life that I was overdosed with sugar.
For two person, I think we over-ordered cause pups said I could have whatever I wanted.

 I ordered the Dark Couverture Hot Chocolate drink and that was initially it.

Pups refused to stop ordering as I second guessed myself for wanting to try the Macaron Ice-Cream Sandwich.
Hence, we end up with Dulce De Leche flavoured ice-cream.
It's something like salted caramel but creamier.

Overall, the hot chocolate was a tad bit too sweet for my liking but it was okay for pups.
Nevertheless, it was quite rich so if you have a deep craving for some rich hot chocolate, maybe this'll be your thing!

 On top of that, pups had his own (higher) share of a sweet tooth compared with me and went for a Chocolate Volcano AND Churros For One served with milk chocolate.

At the end of the meal, I think we just ordered ourselves a full dinner course, ala DESSERT.

My tastebuds were literally introduced to so much chocolate in one night that I think they're having a chocolate shower party inside.

That was the story of how two of us got high on sugar for the night, enough to walk the whole Adelaide city for 3 whole rounds and back (or more).

That's how we ended our first, well, night, in Adelaide.

More Adelaide updates soon!!

Love ya, bye!

The DRx Clinic, Midvalley Grand Opening

A lil update about my Juverderm fillers!
You know how scared I am towards side effects (expecially permanent ones) so in case you're the same as me, I figured you'd want to have a status update about it.


It's been 1 and half months since I did the fillers and so far, it's all good!
For the first few days, it was slightly stiff on the touch, something like a lump and like any other person who hasn't done fillers before, I FREAKED OUT.

So I consulted Dr. Chiam about it and she assured me that it was normal because your skin needs some time to adapt to the matter.
True enough, within 2 weeks, the fillers had soften down to a natural touch, like it's just part of a flesh on my face.

Without further ado, here's my recent profile.


Here's a few recent photos of myself with minimal makeup. 
Just eyebrows, some eyeshadow, lipstick and concealer under my eyes, nose and lip.

The swelling has worn down by a lot and I honestly felt more confident about my looks.
So happy with it that I immediately texted Dr. Chiam to thank her after my recent photoshoot. 


Although I haven't fixed my laughlines, I'm very glad that I solved my temples and sunken cheeks first!


That being done...........

A big CONGRATULATIONS to The DRx Clinic, Midvalley!!

*Photo time!!*
What makes the opening ceremony sound even happening is having a pair of Chinese lions do the dance ritual. And look at all those pretty flower stands!!
Dr. Jason with all the leng luis. 
Together with my very own leng lui Dr. Chiam who takes very good care of my skin.
Joycelyn, myself, Bobo, Mei Yan ( and baby ), Audrey ( and #bumptiah )
Candid good job by photographer. Mei Yan's skin is soooooooo good!

*Photos courtesy of photographer for The DRx Clinic FB*

About 2 months ago, The DRx Clinic opened Malaysia's second branch in Midvalley and I was honored to be invited to attend the opening ceremony. =)

Compared to the sister branch in Plaza Damas, the new DRx Clinic in Midvalley has treatment room, consultation room and spa all under one building.

And remember my lil' trip to The DRx Clinic in Singapore? 
Yes, we officially have the Tricho treatment for scalp and hair here in Malaysia!!

Wow, imagine you can instantly have awesome looking skin (and hair) once you walk out the clinic. 
And you can immediately go for some SHOPPING!

The DRx Clinic & Medispa
 No. 43-G, The Boulevard, 
Mid Valley City, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur 


* Special Shoutout *

I am pleased to announce that there will be a NEW PRODUCT coming in to DRx!!
I was given the privilege of trying out this new magic in a bottle and I must say I'm VERY satisfied with the results!

Introducing : Illuminator (3A)

The Illuminator is specially formulated for a radiant and even toned complexion and helps to eliminate dull and pigmented skin.

This translucent cream-gel emulsion is packed with various skin beneficial ingredients such as : 

  • Resveratrol - A highlu potent antioxidant from grapes and berries for brightening and anti-aging.
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside - Stabilized vitamin C that helps in collagen synthesis and inhibits melanin production.
  • Glucosyl Hesperidin - Bioflavonoid found in citrus fruits that improves blood circulation to oxygenate skin.
Intensive Lightener (3B)

Best paired with the Illuminator (3A) for full effects of lightening and fighting skin pigmentation.

The opaque white cream gel contains : 

  • Alpha arbutin - A safe and highly effective ingredient which decreases melanin.
  • Phytospingosine - Restores skin's barrier function, retain it's moisture balance and build skin tolerance threshold against external aggressions.
  • 4-n-Butylresorcinol - Highly active de-pigmenting ingredient.
In case you didn't know, I am VERY CAREFUL when it comes to trying out new things on my face and I'll almost NEVER slap on any new product unless I've done enough research. 
(Yet I couldn't wait to try it out myself, thanks to the confidence DRx products has given me)

I have personally experienced it and noticed that my skin has been glowing ever since! 

On top of that, I think my foundation products has been sitting in the shelf longer than it should have all thanks to my even complexion. *teehee*

Stay tuned for a full review soon!

 P/S : I received enquiries about The DRx Clinic and I'm really happy that lots of you are actually keen on visiting! Just a reminder that all my readers will get free consultation on your first 3 visits when you mention my name. It's a good opportunity to head to DRx to get some answers about your skin condition so please do visit!!
Also if you noticed, I look different in the photos of of the Midvalley grand opening event. That's cause I haven't done the fillers yet!! 

A small change, makes a whole lot difference!