ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser [ #LumiReview ]

This is a very peculiar thing for me. 
So I'm back blogging again & this time I'm reviewing a cellphone. 
I'm sure you know it's gonna come from me sooner or later!! 

First of all, I'm not fussed when it comes to what kind of mobile phone I use.
By no means I am a professional gadget person. 
And I have no sense of knowledge about complicated things like "specs" or even "processor".
(I should be ashamed I KNOW!! Please don't laugh at me >.<)

However, I believe that I'm still capable of giving a reasonable opinion from one who's always posting content on social media. 
Hence, I am reviewing the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser from my personal point of view and the perspectives of a normal person.

Let's go!

 First thing's first, I gotta say the screen is HUGE.
On the other hand, I can't seem to single handedly hold on to it with my dwarf-sized hand.
Though I would not say it fits right into the palms of my hand with ease doesn't mean it won't on YOU!
But I'm not going to complain since I get to enjoy a wider display view whenever I stream videos online.
Basically the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser has all the standard buttons an Android would have, PLUS, a finger print sensor.
Honestly, I appreciate how the fingerprint sensor is placed right at the back of the phone because it can be used as a shutter button when taking photos!
It made my life so much more easier and the struggles of having access to camera mode lifted.

Here are some of the highlight features of the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser which I thought would be useful for you guys to take note of.

Ultra Fast 0.03s Laser Auto Focus
Shoot detailed photos lightning fast with laser speed autofocus.

Touch Security
It comes with 5 finger recognition for unlocking your phone, instant camera access, snap with a tap of your finger and even launch a favorite app. with specific fingerprints!

High Multi Threaded Performance
64-bit processor with up to 4GB RAM for fast performance multitasking.

Long Lasting Battery
Everyone loves that extra lasting battery. Enough said. =)

Five Magnet Speaker
Delivers supreme quality audio combined with ASUS AudioWizard software for specific modes like Movie mode, Gaming mode, Keynote mode, Music mode & Smart mode for the ultimate experience for your ears please.

Now the fun part!
From hereon, everything will be based on my own true experience about the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser .
Let's do the standard way of checking out a new phone shall we?
You know what I mean!! ^.<

And what is the most default action  EVERYONE does whenever we get our hands on a new phone?
(That's right!)
And here's what I found out about their camera.
Let's not compare my HD quality photos that I make with a proper camera ok?
The reason why I'm not a big fan of the quality of the photos the phone produces is simply because I am very accustomed to DSLR photography!!!
However, I'm impressed that it has a Manual Mode that allows me to tinker with the ISO & Shutter Speed which means it has a bit more flexibility for any just-in-case-scenario when I have no other options but a phone.

Hey,  it comes with a Beauty Setting too.
You know that awesome Snapchat filter that gives you a slimmer chin, bigger eyes, and god-like smooth skin? 
This phone has it too and you can adjust the intensity according to your likings!
I was driving the other day and happen to spot a nice ray of sunset so I decided to casually test the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser out.
Unusually-lit subjects are detected by the color correction sensor to make them look more natural.
The photo above was taken briefly but I'd say it's still quite impressive and forgivable.
But what I find myself absolutely loving about the ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser is that it's functions are perfect for gaming!!!

I am no inspector gadget but it does has a smart way of clearing space hence, allowing butter smooth gaming operation. Oh yes.

And on top of that, audio performance is an essential stimulant for all the games I play.
  Not only that, I absolutely love it especially when I stream Spotify/JOOX for some cool & calm music on early mornings. BESSTTT~

Smart move ASUS, you have successfully pampered my ears. ^.<

And like I've said, I'm reviewing it from the point of a person that's not fussy over phones.
Yet I still hope my review can help shed some light to those of you who are in search for a phone that suites your personal needs & requirements!!

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FTC : This is a sponsored review kindly supported by ASUS. However, all reviews are based from my genuine personal experience to ensure my viewers are able to read my most honest & accurate opinion. 

Trip to Jeju Island with Innisfree Malaysia

I can rave all day, everyday about innisfree. 
Now, I can rave to everyone about everything in Jeju Island.
Last June, I was invited by Innisfree Malaysia to join them on a global press tour to Jeju Island, Korea and learn about its' island, their treasure and innisfree!
In conjunction with the launch of innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater skincare range, I was there to celebrate with influencers/media press from countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and India.

Before I talk about the trip & the Jeju Lava Seawater......

Yup, THAT is how excited I was.

Team innisfree really do know how to make things interesting for out trip by planning out all the destinations.
Let's go! 

Innisfree Jeju House 

A trip with innisfree would never be complete without visiting the Innisfree Jeju House!!
One of innisfree's signature product is the Green Tea Seed Serum and they really do have an actual green tea farm right next to it!!!

Over there, we got to know more about innisfree's heritage and history.
Did you know that innisfree products contains only plant-derived ingredients AND they are pro-environment friendly?
I felt so honored at that point to be representing Malaysia for this.
Eventhough I'm just writting this blogpost in reminesce of the event, I cannot forget how calm & beautiful the environment of innisfree house was to me.
If any of you are planning to visit Jeju-do, do make a pit-stop at innisfree house because they do serve beverages & snacks in there!
By the way, I had a sip of Bella's coffee.
It was SO GOOD.
Songaksan Mountain
Then we took a hike up Songaksan Mountain to catch one of the most beautiful sea view on Jeju-do.
It was super windy and I barely managed to keep my cap (and hair) on my head. HAHAHA!
Nevertheless, it's breathtaking to be there.

One of innisfree's logo stands for the benefits of pure nature and it's true when I could actually feel it in my bones along with the sun, sea and breeze of Jeju-do.
Next is LUNCH.

Again, perfect location accompanied by delicious food!

Jyeopjae Beach

To further emphasise that innisfree is all about pro-nature & recycling, we we're all brought to a cafe located on the beach for some DIY therapy.

It was super fun building up my very own pair of sandals using shredded cloth and it definitely supported my act in producing things out from what we have.
It's something I live by with.
So it's really nice to be creating things from things we have daily.
Manjanggul Lava Cave
I'm sure most of you have heard products that contains "deep sea water" or "sea water"
But what makes Lava Seawater better than the rest?!

Over there we get to see how does lava caves look like and learn about how it is formed.
It was 10 times colder down there but its all too interesting to have a glimpse of the cave!

Jeju Lava Water Industrial Complex

This location has a lot of highlights about the Jeju lava seawater on it's miracles and benefits.
I've always believed that WATER is a very powerful element that can influence one's health & wellbeing, hence a very precious gift from mother Earth. 

So in this factory, we got a peek on how lava seawater is extracted and produced specially for Jeju-do!! Even bottled water are packed with Jeju Lava Seawater nutrients!!
 Talk about zero calorie superfood packed with good minerals!
 Here's Jenn and me tasting some different types of water!

Next, a scrumptious bibimbap ricebowl for lunch!

And we found a very pretty cafe strategically placed with an awesome view of the sea!!

Walk In Jeju Cafe, Jeju Island
More reason for me to fall in love with Jeju Island because they have a LOT of cute themed cafes that never fail to capture my attention. It's paradise for noms, relax and endulging with nature!

While sipping on a cup of cold hallabong juice, we learn a lil more on the science behind the benefits of Jeju Lava Seawater, the highlight of this trip to Jeju.
It all seemed quite complicated for me since I'm no science student but all-in-all, the explanation leads to a simple conclusion.

Here's a breakdown!

What is Jeju Lava Seawater?
 It's seawater filtered by lava rocks with more defined minerals mixed with benefits of lava minerals.
They are found filtered by solidified magma rocks from volvanic island thousand of years ago.
Once it is successfully extracted, they can be used in various products ranging from consumables to cosmetics.


Magma rocks became a natural water filter hence, it is one of the purest water around.
Richer in minerals and are free from harmful substances like pathogen, ammoniacal nitrogen, phenol or heavy metals.
Compared with deep sea water/sea water, it is more stable in it's performance hence more likely to deliver consistent amount of nutrient to the skin & body.

Benefits on the skin

Boosts moisture level


Innisfree has come up with a whole range of skincare products with the precious lava seawater ranging from essence, eye serum, lotion, cream and mist!

So far I do have a favourite which is the essence in particular as it absorbs really well into my skin & I could feel that my skin sooth upon application without feeling oily at all.
I use it quite often back in Malaysia which has a hot & humid weather since it's light on the skin.

The cream did a really good job when I'm traveling to cold countries that tend to dry up my skin faster.

After exploring Jeju-do, I think I finally came to understand why innisfree products are so good.
The island itself is 'gem' packed with a perfect environment for good natural ingredients.
I witnessed the beautiful view, clean water, fresh air and the delicious food.

It all comes from the clean environment of Jeju island where Innisfree products was born.
That made me believe in their products even more and ironically, I already believed in innisfree even before this!!

 Before ending this blogpost, I'd like to share a video during my trip to this beautiful island on my YouTube channel.

I wish all of you could experience the beauty of Jeju as I had so perhaps, plan a trip there someday?
Once again, thank you innisfree Malaysia for the unforgettable experience to the motherland of innisfree products!

Keep making more products that continue to wow consumers, at the same time, keeping our Earth green.

Also, many thanks to Kensington Hotel in for making our stay extra pampered, relaxed & enjoyable!