My Healthy Black Hair Was A Lie Until I Met Jemile Fran by Milbon in Number76 Hairsalon

My healthy shiny black hair was a lie.
Well, that's the truth. Hahahaha!!

I have dyed & bleached the sh*t out of my hair for over 3 years now and I wouldn't say that my hair is still in great condition as it was before.

To be honest, the only way to help damaged hair like mine is to pay a visit to the hairsalon and a treatment session. Well, not that I have any problem (or complaints) about visiting Number76 to give my hair some love, sometimes it's just not as convenient when your schedule is always packed. 

Couple of weeks ago, Number76 invited me for media preview to have a look and feel the magic of a new shampoo by Milbon.

Of course, I didn't expect much from a shampoo since I always believed it's the conditioner/treatment that does the trick for my hair.

What if I I told you this simple shampoo has the magics as good as getting hair treatment in the salon?!
Easy to use, instant and fuss-free?!


Tried and tested, here's how it works!

Jemile Fran by Milbon

This shampoo (on the right) and treatment cream (left) blew my mind away.
Milbon wanted to create a shampoo that targets towards women (and men ^^) with busy lifestyles. 
In Japan, women in this modern era have even less time to pamper themselves juggling with work, family and self-maintainence.

Hence, Jemile Fran was born to make our lives easier and giving us that soft & silky smooth hair at the comforts of home and immediate results after each shower.

They contain ingredients that has the power to lock in moisture, plump up your hair & improve cuticles for a tangle-free hair situation. 

Ok so it's what almost every shampoo in the market claim so let's cut short about product description and let's see some RESULTS!

This my hair BEFORE using Jemile Fran.
It's dry, tangled and looked like a half-assed hair curling job.
It's a nightmare.

I promise that this is how my hair looks like and I did not purposely curl my hair to make it look this shitty. 

Let's start
First, you'll have to make sure that your hair is thoroughly showered with water.
With just the right amount, lather up the shampoo and this is very important because the shampoo(in bottle) is THE KEY.
Awaken those bubbles and foam to about this amount and if you're having a bit of trouble with it, try lathering the shampoo in a small basin with some water then pour them onto your hair.
Like I said, the shampoo is the key for Jemile Fran's magic and once you got the foam, start massaging them in all over the strands especially on the ends.

It's almost like treatment foam while you wash your hair!
Rinse after 3-5 minutes of massage then apply the treatment cream (squeeze tube) and use it as you would with any treatment product for hair.

Rinse again till everything is clean, blowdry and voila!!

Here's how my hair looks after using the Jemile Fran and dare I say it feels a lot softer and silky smooth!! 
Note that I have naturally straight hair and did not straighten my hair with a hair straightener for this photo. 

I would be making a big lie if I had showed you perfectly straight hair judging from my history of bleach & dye. =P
As you can see, my hair instantly looked a lot healthier and easier to manage. 
Enuff said right?!


To be honest, there's nothing much to complain except WHY DIDN'T THEY INVENT THIS SOONER?!

I fell in love with this product!!
One, it leaves my hair silky smooth (DUH) and eversince I started using the shampoo, my hair has been absolutely easier to handle. Sometimes I'll even leave it without styling them and they look totally fine!!

Two, I love how it has a subtle floral fragrance and I enjoy the soothing scent while washing my hair!
It's hair pamper each time I head for my shower~

Three, you know how some 2-in-1 shampoo tends to make your scalp oily?
This didn't!! 
At least it didn't for my scalp so ... TAKE-ALL-MY-MONEY.

Well, you don't really have to give all your money! Hahaha!!
Apparently they have 2 types of shampoo that targets different types of hair. 
For example, I have fine hair so I'm using the Silky Smooth version.
The other one is the Juicy Glossy for thick to coarse hair.

If you're interested to get them, they're currently for sale in all branches of Number76 Hairsalon.
They are each priced at RM80 (Jemile Fran Shampoo) and RM92 (Jemile Fran Treatment).
But wait! They are currently running on a gift package promotion when you purchase both at RM172 and you'll get a travel sized set FOR FREE!

I'm taking mine for my new travel FTW!

Check out the branches near you on their website here : 

Hope this will be useful for those of you who have post-bleach problems like me!

Lots of love, 

#LumiTravels Diary : Shinjyuku Kuyakushomae Capsule Hotel Review (Female floor)

Time for another #LumiTravels Diary!!
I found a new liking towards this theme of blogging so I'd like to continue making more.
*psstt* Travel agencies please hire me already!!* 

If you haven't read how cherry blossoms ruined my life, here it is. 
On this post, I'm going to tell you how scary it was for me to stay in a capsule hotel during my solo trip to Tokyo, Japan. 

Nah, just kidding!! 

But hey, this is really about my first time experience staying in a capsule hotel!!
To be frank, this year's spring visit to Japan was considered quite spontaneous decision despite debating months before the planning actually happened.

Anyhow, f*ck the debate and I DID IT.
It's great that I ticked off my life bucket list-to-do but it also means I had to bear the cost of accommodation on my own.

It definitely felt kinda "MEH" when you had to dig deeper into your wallet. 
Since it's gonna be an adventure of my own, I decided to abandon the thoughts of 'luxury' and dived into a capsule hotel.

I did a lot of research online about these in Japan and apparently there wasn't much info about it.
On top of that, capsule hotels are majority catered for men in Japan for a budget overnight stay after their work trip.
Luckily, I managed to find one in Shinjuku that offers capsule hotel for women!!
Imagine how I had to convince my mum when I told her I was going solo for this trip. =.=

Which is why I really want to share as much info as I can on this blogpost about my experience and hopefully you'd find this useful if you're considering staying in one of these accommodations. ^^

Let's start.

I found Shinjyuku Kuyakushomae Capsule Hotel from their website and made my bookings via under JTB. 
To my surprise, booking online was super easy and straight forward!!

I like how the site is foreigner friendly in a way that English language is available on their website for easy booking access.  
Here's the link

How I did was simply click on the women's capsule, select the date I will be arriving and number of days I'll be staying, register my email, fill in details and payment method, print my confirmation details & voila!! 
For your convenience, here's a link as well.
 Altenatively, you can still book Shinjyuku Kuyakushomae via or even
But I find booking directly via JTB was way more convenient. Why?
I am allowed to cancel my booking as early as I wish with 100% full refund. 
Do take note that there will be no show, no refund policy if you decide to cancel your stay last minute!
Unfortunately, you cannot change your dates once you have confirmed your bookings. HOWEVER, what you CAN do is make a fresh new booking and then cancel your first booking (with full refund if it's still applicable). I couldn't be too bothered by it as everything was made smooth & fast because I did happen to change the date of my stay as well. 

Upon reaching, you'll have to go up via an elevator tucked in the corner of the entrance building to their reception on the 3rd floor. 

You'll be required to remove your shoes and place them in an empty locker and surrender the keys to the receptionist. 
Once at the reception,I simply presented my printed information details and they'll automatically proceed with explaining to me how it works since it was my first time.
They can also speak English so communication is not a problem!!! 

Here's how the bunks basically looks like.
I didn't really expected much from budget stays like these but apparently, the area is quite clean.
Clean as in things inside is well organized, garbage is emptied and each capsule is cleaned everyday. 

As mentioned before, capsule hotels are majority catered for men.
All women's room is only available on the 8th floor which means rooms are quite limited but I bet that is not every lady solo traveler is concerned about eh?
Rather you'd ask, IS IT EVEN SAFE?!

The answer is, YES and here's why!
Although the women's capsule is in the same building, you will be given a secret code to enter the dorm and the code changes everyday.
  Nobody can enter into a dorm full of women unless one has the code.
Also, it is every capsule hotel's policy that customers are required to check out everyday before 10 am and you'll only be allowed to check-in at 4 pm, hence, your capsule will be different each day!

Now that is out of the way, what about luggage?!
You'll be given a personal locker and you'll need to clear them out each time you check out. 
It won't fit your big bulky luggage ,just your personal items.
So you'll be required to place your bigger luggage in the luggage storage area.
The good news is, you are allowed to leave your luggage in if you're staying for more than 1 night!!
*thumbs up*

If you're paranoid about security, just make sure your luggage can be locked to avoid anyone from rummaging through your stuff while you're out and about.
(Which I don't think people will do that since it's Japan =.=)
What I did was plan what I want to wear the next day and take them out into my locker so to save myself from going to-and-fro.
Next, to go public or no public.
Surely you're wondering if you'd have to bare it all with the rest of the women while you shower eh?
Nope. You have your own shower & lavatory cubicle!!
Except of course, you'll be sharing a powder room hall with all the women. 
What I like about it?
Benefit of the doubt is because it's newly renovated, but really, I've never experienced a badly maintained lavatory in Japanese accommodations.
Since they cater for overnight stays, no doubt, basic toiletry and amenities were provided. 
I'm just very impressed at the extent of hospitality the hotel provides for their customers. ^^

Are the capsules.....comfortable?

 First of all, it is a budget hotel so we really shouldn't expect to be given a 5 star mattress. HAHAHA!!
There's only a pull-down blinder for some 'privacy' when I sleep and there's a basic single futon plus a pillow with blankets which pretty much sums up the 'bed'. 
There's not a lot of space for you to roll around but for my size, I'm okay to sleep in there rolled up like a maki.
 Unfortunately, the space in each bunk is of standard size preferably for Asians so it's not exactly  comfortable to sleep in if you have a bigger body frame. One day I actually overheard a guy who's got quite a body build decided to cancel his stay, which I think I could understand why. LOL!
 (Don't say I didn't warn you!!)
I like how it's "not just a bunk bed" because you have your own set of TV on top of that, a power outlet to juice up!!
Nevertheless, I was able to rest well in the bunk but there's one thing that could be a bother for some of you. 

As I have mentioned, the only thing that separates the bunk for privacy is the pull-down lever so if you have a noisy neighbour, you're bound to hear everything. Not a lot of loud talking but rather a lot of background noises like people rummaging through their luggages, plastic bags, zips opening/closing and the hairdryer (if you're placed near the powder room). 
Since people come in and out at different times, there's no avoiding these affair.
If you're a light sleeper, you might find it rather annoying.

I wonder if it's a lady's thing? Since I'm only reviewing from the female's dorm point of view, that is.
For me? I couldn't be bothered because I tend to fall into deep slumber after midnight.
A little tip is to bring yourself an earplug to block out these 'noises' or simply drown them out with some music on your earphone.

Here's a video I made in case I missed out any footages of the hotel.
In a nutshell, this is definitely an option for me if I'm planning on a budget stay unless I managed to find an awesome deal in a full room accommodation. 
Or else, I really wouldn't mind checking in to a capsule hotel if it's convenient, comfortable and easy.

If you've been to Japan during the peak season of cherry blossoms in April, you'd have knowledge that hotel rates are exceptionally higher & easily fully booked.
For 6 nights, the capsule hotel costed me at just approximately RM530 ++ which is considered a lot cheaper than any full rate hotels around.

I'm not here to sell my idea of staying in capsule hotels because I know it's not a place for everyone
Hence, here's my honest pro & cons of staying in a capsule hotel. 

Good for budget stays
Great for backpackers
Basic toiletry & amenities provided 
Simple booking procedure
Good if you're always spending time outdoors

Check-in & check-out everyday
Not advisable for people who are afraid of tight spaces
Not recommended for customers who have a "bigger body frame"
(Reason is because they originally are created to cater for local asian sized customers)
Oversized luggage placed separate location