Wednesday, September 10, 2014

7 Things The Dayre App Has Taught Me

Ohaii peeps!!

I can't believe I have not blogged about this despite the Dayre app has been on for quite some time already! If you don't know, Dayre is an application created by Nuffnang in order to solve the issue we all bloggers have.

Which is instant blogging. 
Yes, we have Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/etc etc etc for us to pour our heart's desires. 

But this is different, because only people who follow you can read what you post! 
Anyone can just create an account, and have your friends/family updated about your day.

In fact, I've been using it as a platform to reveal part and partial of my life.
A lot of times, we cannot read a person with just a photo or a single blogpost.
You need TIME and perhaps a few more meet-ups just to chit-chat right?

The Dayre has been a place for me to splurge my thoughts in it's simplest format.
Cute stickers, upload photos, texts and quotes. 
That's pretty much it!

I do learn a lot through experience and I hope through what I learn, perhaps you might want to join the Dayre clan?

1.) I found out who are the people who wants to understand me better
It's nice to know that there are people who'd love to know more about me despite my typical human days. Cause if I didn't, I bet you guys would have thought I live in a magical world of unicorns and chocolate waterfalls WTF. People are more forgiving when they know you better.

2.) I realized that not everyone loves your rants
I do rant a lot more often when I first started Dayre, because I literally felt like it's truely a place in social media where I can "indirectly publicly" rant. Why I'm saying that is because it's made public when someone follows your Dayre. And that someone so happened to read your update, may not like it after a long hard day.

3.) People from Dayre are VERY REAL PEOPLE
They share true thoughts to me through the comment box that sometimes I find really unbelievable~ I am able to see through a lot more walks of life through their experiences. Most of them are really matured and would let you know how to go about dealing with your problems. 

4.) Those who stayed , are the ones willing to grow with me
In social media, it's just like any other everyday life. Except people might not be as forgiving because most of them don't know you personally. Through the app, I found out that DESPITE MY NASTY RANTS which sorta allow me to be myself for a bit, people stayed on because they are willing to watch me grow.

5.) I admit to my flaws more often
There's so many places I could write this out but surprisingly I chose Dayre. Hahahaha!! Maybe because I know that only people who follows me are the people who truly wants to know more about me? 

6.) The number in Dayre days. It makes me realize that EVERYDAY counts.
One day without being productive is a day wasted.
It really do make me feel like I lost a day of being productive when I don't update it often enough. Which I find can be a good stress motivation to move your ass.LOLOL!

7.) I learned to rant less.
Ironically, I even learned to rant a lot less. I'm a person who likes to keep my negative thoughts to myself. Maybe because I was given so much freedom doing it that I could see myself growing out of it. That, because I could visually SEE all the negativity I poured out and eventually I felt ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

This is definitely NOT a paid blogpost okokok??
Overall, I'm glad to have so many of you join the roller coster ride of my life. 
Anyone on this particular app?

Lots of love, 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sasa Malaysia's New Lifestyle Concept Store @ Sunway Pyramid

Ohaii guys and girls!!

It really has been a while I attended any events since my long trip to Beijing.
And because of that I had to turn down quite a few invitations *sad*

Well, not that I'm complaining!! I did learn a lot from my long getaway.
If you're still interested, you can read it here.

To be frank, I'm addicted to long period travelling and I kinda wished I could do it more often. Who doesn't right??!!

Yet, I'm working hard and saving harder to earn myself another long vacation.
"Meaning no shopping"
It could be quite lifeless sometimes. *sigh*

Thank goodness for Sasa Malaysia, I managed to have one day of getaway and reminisce some of all the events I've been to and met my gorgeous blogger friends. 

Let's get on with the event last week shall we?

Opening dance with the 3 lovely ladies in pink.
They danced with heels ok?!? *shock*

Then it's photography session with the dancers.

But before that, photo session with the VVIPs of the day is a MUST.
Mini makeup demo class by Cyber Colors Cosmetics for the upcoming fall look.
I love the strong brows on both the ladies!! Too bad I can't carry it. >.<

Check out their latest Black Label range of foundation and powder if you love flawless effect on the models~
Strong brows, clean eyemake, bold dark lips.

Smokey, bronze and big bright lips.
Which is your fav?
Sasa has always been bringing in beauty products from all over the world to fix our never ending demand for the variety of choices. I'm super glad that this time, SASA Malaysia decided to do a store revamp and tranformed into an all new CONCEPT STORE!

Think mini department store, but filled with beauty products on each sections.
Allow me to show you around.
It'll only take you 3 minutes of your time.
Except that I will be showing you pictures in MOTION aka VIDEO!!

New #LumiVlog alert!!!!

Here's the link :
Don't say I never show you around ok?

If you've been to Sunway Pyramid, they do have a Sasa outlet. 
Now they've relocated and it's BIGGER than before.
And you might probably spot me "zombie-ing" around my favourite brands in Sasa one day. 
(Refer to all the booth/sections photos I've taken)

I know it has been long when my friends kept saying "I really haven't been seeing you around lately".

(Proves I have been in the cave for too long)
I did enjoy myself with the sweet refreshments Sasa Malaysia has provided for us and DEFINITELY enjoyed browsing through EVERYTHING in the store!!

Doesn't matter if you need to get something you'd always get from Sasa or just window shopping, why not spend the day exploring around their revamped-fresh-from-the-oven concept store~

SASA @ Sunway Pyramid 
Lot LG 120.A
Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 47500
Subang Jaya, Selangor.
(Next to Toys R' Us)

Who knows, maybe you might find something new to love about. (^^)

Lots of love, 

-Special thanks to Carina for my portrait shot & Chency for the group photo-
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