Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#20 Facts About Me

Here's 20 facts about me unveiled!
*Deep breath*
Here goes!!

1.) I'm the eldest child in the family
I have one younger sis (4 years difference) and one younger bro (11 years difference). 

2.) I used to learn ballet.
Started late as a kid as well (say, about 10?). Blessed to have good guidance from my teachers.
But that's history now.

3.) I'm often misunderstood to be a person who has motive for being nice to people.
I can just be nice to anyone I like on a random note, just cause I feel like it.
But when I do, I do it out of my genuine heart.

4.) Deep down, I'm a wacky and a weird person.
I make faces, and do weird poses but I think people won't like to see a lot of that when I do it. Cause it's ugly. AND WEIRD. LOL. So only people close to me will see me in action.

5.) Half an otaku
I love the perfection of animes. I play RPG games. I love Sailormoon. I love Studio Ghibli. If it's a good manga, I can read it all day till the end.

6.) I prefer sandwiches over burgers.
I can really eat them 3 meals a day. Different stuffings of course.

7.) Always a dreamer.
I think and say things that people don't quite understand. LOL!
Unicorn fart and all.

8.) I can be a very straight forward person.
I tend to say things that is too harsh and people might not be as accepting.

9.) I can forgive but I NEVER FORGET. Hahaha!
It's easy for me to forgive a person but I never forget what they did to me. Hence losing my trust. (You know what you did) It's not easy gaining back my trust so unless you did something wrong, don't worry about it! =)

10.) I believe that ACTIONS speaks louder than WORDS.

11.) I never cry in front of my family, unless it's a very serious matter.
Almost never. Like maybe twice out of 10 times and it's cause I had nowhere else to hide. I guess it's a big sister ego thing.

12.) I always wanted a tattoo

13.) I am born in the year of the Goat in the Chinese zodiac sign and on the month of the horoscope Aries.
Hence, I can be too gentle and very nice but I do fight back when people really got into my nerves.
But I guess I've learnt to tolerate a lot more thanks to aging

14.) Dream job is to travel, play, have fun AND get paid for it.
Not the tour guide kinda sh*t and definitely NOT by being a "HR officer"/"call girl". 

15.) Drama or documentaries? DOCUMENTARIES.
Jiro Dreams of Sushi, NatGeo, Animal Planet... you name it! 
Recommend me one if you have a good one~

16.) My face is brighter than the rest of my body.
Hahahaha!! It's not like I have a lighter foundation on my skin. Sad but true. Why oh why. I need to fix this!

17.) I've had more than 10 different haircolour in ONE YEAR.
That was what people know me for. The girl with bizzare hair colour.
Actually I kinda lost count so my estimate is roughly about 10?
Which kinda explains why all my top posts are about hair. LOL!

18.) I'm not very good in multitasking.
Means I can't talk to 3-5 person at the same time if that makes sense? Like in events, I don't really work well when in a big group so I always end up being the quiet one. Tho I pretty much prefer a one-on-one conversation so I can be more of a genuine person.>.<

19.) I love being casual and dressing casually.
I'm most comfortable this way.
Which very often people might feel I lack the feminine touch. *sigh*
Yet I still enjoy dressing up with heels and all. =)

20.)  I prefer savoury over sweet foods.
I'd still happily eat a cake but I can NEVER finish them. 

OK here's a bonus. 

21.) I love trying out new styles and things
And people tend to find my OOTD posts really random.
I will always try to be a chameleon so I can change and fit into different moods and styles.
My only limit is the lack of resources.

22.) I HATE WORMS. Caterpillars to be exact.
So if you ever show me a photo of it, tag me or post it in my feed...
I'll hate you forever. And you'll be BLOCKED.

23.) I think I'm 1/4 Thai . 
Inherited from my mom's dad, AKA my grandfather. MAYBE just a drop or two of Thai blood.That's why people will mistake me for being a mix. =.=

24.) Always wanted to be a cool kid, but I'm originally not. >.<
Guess I'll just have to accept myself for who I really am and embrace it~

25.) I've always had trouble remembering things
I think I have severe short term memory lost sometimes. 
I don't really remember things that is longer than 3 months. 
Maybe that's why I can be a little short tempered, but I get over it a lot faster as well. Hahah!But I'll always remember those who have been nice to me.

So yeah, that's my 20, I mean 20 PLUS 5 facts about me.

Over and out with lots of love, 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's LoveLumi

Hey pumpkins!!
It's has been a while!!
*WTF I think I ALWAYS say that*

So there seems to be a lack of update here on my blog but hey, I'm ALIVE~!!
You can always find me active on Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and Dayre despite me being MIA on lovelumi.com.

Nevertheless, I find that Dayre has pretty much taken over my style of blogging, which is, in a less formal way than my website. Not to mention it's SUPER EASY for me to gain access to whenever I'm outdoors.

For me, I guess I'm half an introvert person so I prefer staying indoors most of the time. 
Yet I still LOVE TRAVELLING. Ironic huh?

Well, traveling nourishes and broadens my mind for new things. 
Which I like, A LOT, for a person who's always on floating thoughts.
Staying home keeps me focused, although I know I'l have ALL the freedom to lie on my bed and stream on YouTube videos. Hahahahahaha!!

Speaking of YouTube videos, I have always find it the better way of showing your thoughts, ideas and information to viewers. Hence I ventured into it, in fact, ventured on it for a while now. 

I began making videos 2 years ago. 

My first video was about hairstyling and I had to say was kinda crappy BUT acceptable at that point despite my lack of resources. 
Still very proud of it!!

Then it was a really long video about my hair again when I started collecting questions you guys left me on my comment box. 

That took me a long time to produce cause : 

1.) It was my first time talking to the camera.
(Seriously, it felt really weird. Like, none of those "imagine talking to your readers" tips actually works)

2.) I had to wait for the right moment to shoot.
(No thanks to the dogs barking in the neighborhood)

3.) I lacked the resources and tools to make videos.
(Back then all I had was a hand-me-down laptop. I still have it with me when need to access my blog while spending time with my family)

Those three reasons was what that kept me bounded from videos but I guess it was for a good reason. I mean, everything happens for a reason right?

I dare say that I've changed a lot within 2 years of serious blogging. 
It has brought me exposed to a lot of adventures like collaborations, events, Nuffnang and many more. 

And blogging I think, somehow boosted my self confidence every single time I posted something about myself. 
I gotta say, 2 years back, selfie wasn't something that's as common as now.
You need have a lot of gutts and confidence to hold that camera out despite the weird stares from the people around.
There's where I guess, gave me the gutts I needed to face a camera.

I went from dreaming to dreams come true.
All I needed was some faith, trust and pixie dust.

During that time of my life, I've also hit rock bottom on my relationship and THANK GOD I had people around me to support me when I collapsed. 
5 years of relationship down the drain hit me real hard and I picked myself back up by saying : 

I want to start doing things I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO.

That was the time I also applied myself to ViVi Malaysia's first model search.
( I still had my braces WTF)
To be honest, it was my first official photoshoot PLUS it was for a magazine I've loved so so much.

Actually , my first ever shot was with my, now BFF, Melissa for her old online business.
If this didn't count then ,yeah, ViVi Star Search was my official photoshoot.

I think most of you must have read a lot about this somewhere in my older posts but it definitely was my best turning point of my life.
Like a really sharp U-turn.
Except that I ditched my ex and never turned back HMPH

My video making paused for a while up until recently that I feel that it's time for me to bring MORE of myself in the form of videos.
It takes a lot of time to make one, yes, but the outcome is very satisfying.

Videos amplifies my feelings towards things and I could project a better image to all of you out there about my ideas IN MY BRAND NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!

I can't say I'm the best and I'm sure there's a lot of awesome YouTubers that produces really nice videos. 

They're all very inspiring!
MichellePhan, BubzBeauty, HanaTam, BeautyQQ, EYK, NigaHiga, TheMingThing and JinnyBoy to name the few.

Call me green bean. HAH!

But I can assure you that I'll keep bringing the best out of myself to you guys.
Why not join me on my YouTube journey eh?
For example you can stream YouTube videos while lazing on your bed like me. LOL!

So do find my channel at : It'sLoveLumi 
Subscribe if you will.
And show me some LOVE!!


More to come with #LumiReview, #LumiVlog, #FTS, Makeup, Fashion, Tutorial and Food.