#LumiLookBook : OOTDs in Adelaide

Ohaii my lovely marshmallows!!

Did you know that I actually have an OOTD hashtag for all my outfit shots on Instagram?
Yes? Good!
No? Well, it's okay. =____=

If you take a look at #LumiLookBook, you'll see all of my outfits are pretty random simply because I love dressing up according to my mood. Which automatically means I don't exactly plan ahead with what I should wear and it's either a hit or miss thing.
And when I'm happy with what I'm wearing, I take a photo of it. =)

Ahh... I'd love the idea of owning every single piece I see online and off!!

Here's the story :

On my travels, I love to load up my luggage with all the clothes I think I would wear thus not having much space for shopping. Or else, I end up occupying my stuff in pup's luggage. LOL!

And when pups managed to see me pack before our trips, he'd say : 
Bring so many stuff for what??
Fashion show??

F*ck yeah, it's a fashion show!
I wanna look well dressed during my trips and look nice in the photos we take ok?? 

Although being able to dress up differently each day is nice, but it has limited me in terms of shopping and the comfort of traveling light.
Yet, I'm not ready to sacrifice styling and parading in a fashionable manner!!

So I picked out a few items which I could easily match around the the few pieces and here's what I came up with!

To those who loves to shop? That's definitely good news!
Not a shopaholic?
No biggie, you can now travel LIGHTER with STYLE.

Please tell me what do you think about the styles I matched up with!
Do you like it? Do let me know because I plan to do more in my coming trips as well!!

Be limited but be flexible,

Pastel Black With A Silver Lining


I finally changed a whole new colour of my hair after pestering Hikky-san about when can I start colouring my hair pastel for months!
(6 months if I could remember)

And everytime, she will say : 


I totally understood why she didn't allow me another round of bleach as my hair previously was honestly vigorously damaged by non-stop bleaching within one month.
Which is totally not advisable because my hair couldn't stand that much bleach.

Yet, I still couldn't help myself from adoring lovely pastel hair so finally a few days ago, I made the move to ask for the green light from Hikky-san.


This time, unlike pink, purple or blue, I opted for something much more silent which is the humble grey.

It's noticeable, classy and stylish without being too much of a bully when it comes to your wardrobe choices. 

There's something mysterious about this colour that I love and I couldn't get my mind off it ever since I browsed thru silver/grey hair online.

Hence this is the outcome by Hikky-san which totally caught me by surprise after 1 round of bleach.
During the consultation, she did mention that my hair had to be bleached to nearly white to achieve such grey.

Asian being asian, it's almost an impossible task because I do not have naturally white washed blonde hair.
Which means, I will risk facing super damaged hair again.

What the heck, don't care.
I'm gonna commit to conditioning my hair everyday!!

If you're wondering where did I get my bunch of helium balloons, well, I practically went on a balloon collecting spree (#likeaboss) after the Asia Muse Search Kickoff Party event.

I know, I know.
Such thick skin I have to take balloons from events. LOL!

Probably because I never had one during my childhood period. Hahahaha!!

Big thanks to the organizers and editorial team of ViVi Malaysia and Mina Malaysia from Cite for letting me take them home~!

Right after meeting my new haircolour, I just HAD TO do a random impromptu photoshoot cause I absolutely LOVE the dreamy haircolour effect Hikky-san managed to do on my hair. 

Simply amazing~

One of my fav. shots!!

So what do you think? 
Yay or nay?

On the side note, have you watched my latest YouTube makeup video?
It's inspired by the cover of ViVi Malaysia February 2015!!!

If you noticed, all my makeup styles are quite subtle and soft with the slightest change in colour/technique.
Some of you might think that it's all the same but it's the littlest detail I look at to match the look and what I wear.
Come to think of it, it's been 2 years since I joined ViVi Star Search and now Asia Muse Search by Mina Malaysia has already started it's second chapter to recruiting more pretty girls!!

ViVi Malaysia really has given me a rather big impact in my life in terms of styling myself, and I enjoy every single part of myself with ViVi. ^^
Ahh... How time pasts!!

Hope you'll enjoy my video! 

Live life the fullest,