#LumiLookBook : Spring OOTD in Japan


I'm finally back from my 10 days long holiday and as you already know, I cannot deny that we girls love to dress up even when we're on holiday right?

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It seemed like the whole world is in Japan this year isn't it? I swear I didn't know that the whole world went to Japan!!
My babe Mel and I have been planning for this bff PLUS double date trip eversince we #YOLO booked our flights to Tokyo on 2014 for 2015. 

Girls being girls, we expected to shop a little more because, the heck, IT'S JAPAN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT.

Heaven for cosmetics, pharmacies and fashion!
Not forgetting to mention the oh-so-beautiful cherry blossoms.

Hence I promised myself again, to pack light.
Even if it's springtime there, expect to feel a little more chilly rather than cooling. 

Having thick material clothings like knits or furs may seem the best choice to protect yourself from the chills but it ain't exactly good for dressing different everyday. 
Besides, people can easily recognise that you wore the knit TWICE. Uh-ohh. >.<

Unless you don't mind taking in extra weight and space of your luggage.

The best advice is LAYERING.
Bring a few basics, one (maybe two) knits, and at least 3 variety of bottoms for you to play with lengths and body proportions.
From there, you can mix and match them on rotation.

I promise it can last you more than the 8 looks I will be showing you on my YouTube channel. 

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Here's a personal tip on keeping yourself warm yet NOT risking from to bulking too much.

I love Uniqlo's waferthin heat tech undies so much cause they really do keeps me warm, allows space for layering AND become potential basic wear.

Boohoo cause I lost mine while we were travelling from Tokyo to Osaka.
So thin it blended in the blankets. *cry*
Gimmebackmyheattech T________T

I solemnly swear that this is NOT an adv, and I'm not paid to do this.
But if you're in for a chill thrill holiday during Spring looking slightly more fashionable, try it!!
Now for some updates about my holiday in Japan 
I had been updating LIVE on my other blog in an app called Dayre throughout the trip and it's the best thing I ever did when I can't wait to blog about it here.

Click here for the updates.

It's been (I think) 2 years since my last visit and surprisingly I feel a lot calmer upon touching down Haneda Airport.
Probably because I'm confident enough to know that Japan's transportation is VERY convenient, and in fact, VERY accurate!

All I had to do was access Mr. Google to know where I need to go and which station to stop, and voila!

However, even if I'm confident about getting around, gaining Internet access is still my biggest concern wtf. Japan has definitely leveled up their game for pro-tourist facilities on hotspots by providing special access to Wi-Fi data.

I love a little exploring out of the hotspots but what if I'm out of the range?
And did you wonder, how did I managed to catch the cherry blossoms around?

It's all thanks to THIS :

Every traveller's best friend, a pocket wifi!
For RM30/day (Or less if you rent longer), you'll get UNLIMITED 4G LTE access that can be shared with up to 10 devices at once.

With this, I don't have to worry about wandering off course and risk losing Internet access to guide me around.

Say hello to YOLO wandering. Hahahaha!!
This time, I appreciate a little less burden on my shoulders just so I could truly enjoy my holiday.
Travelling light while on holiday is slowly becoming part of me so I'm glad I didn't accept sponsored items that could burden my mind.

(Although not so much of going home light after shopping LOL!)

But one thing I'm glad to have is the pocket wifi!
I have all the things in the world with just an access away.

I would personally advice you to book your pocket device as early as possible to secure yourself a good rate.

But for Beemobile, they offer you rates as low as RM25/day which is INCREDIBLE for UNLIMITED DATA.
The longer you're overseas, the cheaper rate you get. Which is at a very reasonable cost for long haul holiday packers like me. =) 

If you're interested about their pocket wifi services go to: www.kl-samurai.com

See you on my next post!
(Or on my casual blog on Dayre)
(Maybe Instagram too)


#LumiLookBook : OOTDs in Adelaide

Ohaii my lovely marshmallows!!

Did you know that I actually have an OOTD hashtag for all my outfit shots on Instagram?
Yes? Good!
No? Well, it's okay. =____=

If you take a look at #LumiLookBook, you'll see all of my outfits are pretty random simply because I love dressing up according to my mood. Which automatically means I don't exactly plan ahead with what I should wear and it's either a hit or miss thing.
And when I'm happy with what I'm wearing, I take a photo of it. =)

Ahh... I'd love the idea of owning every single piece I see online and off!!

Here's the story :

On my travels, I love to load up my luggage with all the clothes I think I would wear thus not having much space for shopping. Or else, I end up occupying my stuff in pup's luggage. LOL!

And when pups managed to see me pack before our trips, he'd say : 
Bring so many stuff for what??
Fashion show??

F*ck yeah, it's a fashion show!
I wanna look well dressed during my trips and look nice in the photos we take ok?? 

Although being able to dress up differently each day is nice, but it has limited me in terms of shopping and the comfort of traveling light.
Yet, I'm not ready to sacrifice styling and parading in a fashionable manner!!

So I picked out a few items which I could easily match around the the few pieces and here's what I came up with!

To those who loves to shop? That's definitely good news!
Not a shopaholic?
No biggie, you can now travel LIGHTER with STYLE.

Please tell me what do you think about the styles I matched up with!
Do you like it? Do let me know because I plan to do more in my coming trips as well!!

Be limited but be flexible,